May 06

Bike Fail, Run Redemption

Flashback to last week and you may remember that I ordered some replacement parts for my bike.  Well, they arrived and I thought I would take time last night to get them installed.  The installation went fairly well at first.  However, after I got the bike back together things didn’t seem quite right.  The bike wasn’t shifting very well – skipping gears and autoshifting.  After looking into it further, I realized that I ordered the wrong parts.  The parts I ordered weren’t compatible with my shifters.  So, my options were to order replacement parts again (about $50) or upgrade my shifters (about $300).  I decided to go with the $50 option and ordered the correct parts from Tree Fort Bikes.  So far, I have been very impressed with Tree Fort Bikes.  After I get the parts, I will hopefully do my first Vendor Review outlining my experience with them.image

I went to bed last night semi very frustrated that my bike was going to be out of commission until the new parts arrive.  I couldn’t even put back on the old parts because I didn’t have the correct pin for the original chain.  This morning was supposed to be a 1:15/20 minute brick workout too.  Being dedicated stubborn, I decided that I was going to try and ride my bike any ways.  It is technically rideable and shouldn’t do any damage to the bike to ride it as is.  However, I found that it was nearly impossible to ride comfortably.  Every time I would get into a groove, the bike would auto shift up or down a gear.  The auto shifting made it nearly impossible to climb because the harder I pushed, the more it wanted to slip gears.  So, after a single lap (6 miles) around the lake, I head back home frustrated and disappointed.  I could have still gone out for the run portion of the workout, but I was too pissed to even think about at the time.


Flash forward to the afternoon.  I just finished up a day long work meeting and needed to get out.  I was really itching to run.  So, I headed out in hopes of doing a long-ish run.  I ended up with a great 10 mile run at an 8:00 min/mile pace.  I felt great the entire way and didn’t feel like I was pushing hard at all.  In hindsight, this long of a run probably wasn’t a great idea with a the River Bank Run 25k looming on Saturday, but mentally, I needed to get a solid workout in.  Besides the River Bank Run is a C race at best for me this year.  I’m treating like a long training run rather than a race and am not looking to set any land speed records or anything.

So, what started off as a day with a failed workout, turned into a mental victory with a long run.  All in all, a great day in the end.  Tomorrow is an easy day with just a swim followed by race day on Saturday.  Time to rest.

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  1. Maria

    Wow, that sucks! But hey, now you have practice on working on bikes, that’s always nice, isn’t it?
    Congrats on the solid run, sitting in meetings all day would make me want to run too!

  2. Jon

    Are you switching from a 9 speed to a 10 speed? Nice run!

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