May 01

Training Success (and Fail)

So, today, I headed out on my scheduled brick workout.  According to the schedule, this meant a 4 hour bike ride and 1 hour run.  The good news is that I completed the workout and felt great doing it.  However, afterwards, I was looking at my schedule online, and noticed that I had the same workout scheduled for the next few weeks.  That’s odd.  I can’t imagine such an intense workout each week without a break.  I referred back to the actual training plan book.  Yeah… I was only supposed to do an hour bike ride and a 30 minute run.  In fact, the 4 hour bike, 1 hour run isn’t supposed to be part of ANY of my training.  That workout is from the Ironman training plans.  Yikes!  Somehow, when I copied my workouts from paper to an Excel spreadsheet to upload into Google Calendar, I must have transposed some numbers and it copied over the wrong data.  I went through and corrected the workouts for the next few weeks and it makes the training look much more manageable now.

Despite the workout not being part of the official plan, I am really happy to have completed it.  It made me more aware of two things.  The first is how humbling and how much work Ironman training will be.  Second, it gave me the confidence that I can do it.   Not only that, but I feel that I am going to well prepared come race day in June.  With a 5 hour training session under my belt, the race is going to be a piece of cake.  Well as much of a piece of cake that a Half Ironman can be.


On to the ride.  I headed out at 9:00 this morning.  I wanted to head out earlier, but had to wait out some rain clouds.  Even after waiting for an hour for the rain to let up, I still got pretty wet during the first half hour.  It was a warm day though and I dried out quickly.  I headed to the Northwest side of town and biked the Musketawa Trail for the first time.  This trail goes from Grand Rapids to Muskegon and is nice and flat.  It took me about an hour to get to the trail which left me an hour out and an hour back on the trail.  Not only was the trail flat, but it was tree lined which helped to block most of the wind.  An hour an a half into the ride, I had a granola bar and then had a second one 3 hours into the ride as I was finishing up on the trail.  I turned around 2 hours into the ride which put me about 5 miles outside of Ravenna. I’ll have to go the full distance to Muskegon another day.

Getting started on the trail.  As you can see, it was just me and trail. 
I only saw about a dozen people in the 2 hours I spent on it.

I passed this house along the trail.  It was lined with tons of bird
houses – at least 50, probably more.  There were lots of interesting
looking birds flying around as well.

This sign tempted me on both the out and back.  It is kind of blurry,
but it is a sign for Fenian’s Irish Pub.  MMMmmmm.  Guinness and fish and chips…

This isn’t from today, but I did see two great blue herons.  See isn’t quite the right word either. 
It was more had the crap scared out of me as they took off in flight as I went by. 
Seeing a giant creature start to fly next to you is a good way to get the heart beating.

When I got back to downtown GR, I hit a traffic jam.  Grand Valley
State University was having their graduation ceremony and the place
was a zoo.  I took a couple of side streets to detour around it. 

After the bike ride, I took the opportunity to change and have a PB&J (made by the wonderful Jennie).  We (Jennie on the bike) then headed out for the run portion of the workout.  It was really a struggle to keep moving.  I ended up doing 6.5 miles in just under an hour.  The pace was nothing to brag about, but I was just happy to be able to run for an hour after the bike ride.

After the ride, I indulged on a chocolate milkshake, pizza, beer, and the final innings of the Tigers game.  The perfect end to the perfect workout.

Passed out on the deck after a hard workout.

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  1. Jon

    That is too funny! Welcome to Ironman training (by mistake)! haha! Nice recovery methods 😉

  2. lindsay

    overachiever! slightly overdid yourself there, but i think you made up for it with the milkshake and pizza 🙂

  3. jon gilchrist

    Those sorts of moments are great deposits into the Want To Bank….awesome work..and great pics!

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