Apr 29

Bike Bullet Points

It has been a busy two days with training and work, so I’ve got to try and make this quick.


I had a 2 hour bike ride on tap for the day.  I did a ride out Grand Haven to meet Jennie at the end of the day.  It was a miserably windy ride with a 10 mph head wind the entire way.  Despite leaving only 30 minutes later than usual (3:00 instead of 2:30), drivers were much more rude.  I was honked at, yelled at, and flipped the bird for no apparent reason.  One driver pulled up next to me, and yelled nonsense out the window to startle me.  They pulled into a shopping center a quarter mile down the road.  I wanted so bad to follow them in, drag them out the car through their window, and stick my foot… Well, at least the anger gave me a temporary burst of energy.

I made it to Grand Haven with 5 minutes to spare and 17 new emails awaiting me on my phone.  That is what I get for leaving for 2 hours. 


Thursday was a double workout day; 3:15 bike ride and 40 minute run on the schedule.  Again, very windy, but I was going in multiple directions so it wasn’t always a head wind.  I went all over Grand Rapids.  I headed out to Dutton, over to Kentwood for a stop at my Mom’s and then back to East Grand Rapids for loops around Reeds Lake.  At some point, I lost a water bottle out of my seat cage.  It’s odd that I lost one because I have a spare bottle that hold my tools in the second cage and it has never fallen out.

I ended up riding 58 miles, my longest ride ever.  It gave me plenty of time to diagnose some of the clicking noises my bike has been making.  I narrowed it down to the chain.  After some research, I found that a chain lasts on average 3,000km – 5,000km (1800mi – 3100mi).  I have 3300 miles on my bike.  Whoops!  So, I ordered a new chain and a new rear cassette because you are supposed to replace both at the same time as they usually wear at the same rate.  I also sprung for a bike repair toolkit.  I found three main options; the cheap one, the mid range one, and the dream.  I ended up going with the midrange one because it seemed like the best deal.  Also, I found the chain and cassette on the same site for a good price so I was able to do all of my shopping in one place and get free shipping.  I currently have Tiagra components which are a decent entry level setup.  I am taking a step up to the Shimano 105 series with the new parts.  Not a big difference, but it wasn’t much more to upgrade.

After the bike ride, I took a break for dinner.  We had grilled burgers and fries which helped refuel the tank.  After digesting for a bit, I got my 40 minute run in.  I ended up doing 5 miles in 38:37 (7:47 min/mile).  I was worried that taking the break between workouts would make it hard to get the run in, but I felt re-energized after dinner and it went better than expected.

Now it is time to get some work done and watch the Red Wings!

This is from my ride today to show how windy it was.  You can hear the wind and see the turbine at Calvin College churning out the kilowatts.

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  1. Jon

    Nice riding! You are going to have NO problems with your HIM runs this season.

  2. Krista@CommitmentisLiberating

    Congrats on your longest ride and getting a run in on the same day!

  3. Maria

    Awesome workouts, congrats on the long bike and great run!
    I LOVE shopping for new things…hope the new chain and cassette solve your clicking problems!

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