Apr 23

Level 5 Is Kicking My Butt

So, rewind to a few months ago when I was putting together my training schedule.  For some reason, I chose to do level 5 out of Matt Fitzgerald’s book.  I thought it was a good idea.  I did level 4 last year and I wanted to step it up a bit.  However, level 5 is kicking my butt.  This week, I am already at 9 and a half hours with 3 more hours scheduled for the weekend.  I suppose this is good practice for Ironman training when weekly training hits 20+ hours.

Here is a glimpse at what I have been up to.

Tuesday: Easy 6 mile run around Reeds Lake.  I got a late start which meant that Jennie was able to bike along with me because she was home from work by the time I was able to run.

Wednesday: I started at the pool for 2300 yards with the main set being 4×300 yards.  I had some of my fastest 300’s ever hitting 4:45 and 4:47 for the 2nd and 3rd interval.  The other two were around 4:55 which is closer to the norm.  It was a busy day at the pool and the guy next to me was pretty fast which I think encouraged me to push it on the intervals.  After the pool, I did a ride out to Millennium Park.  The trails out there are incredible and they are still adding to them.  I did 31.63 miles in 1:41:51 and felt pretty good.

Thursday: Time for a brick workout.  The bike portion was 27.81 miles in 1:28:36.  I did a lap out to Cascade and then around Reeds Lake and Calvin a few times.  Riding out to Cascade includes a big downhill followed by a gradual 4 mile climb.  By the end of 4 miles, my legs always feel like rubber.  When I got done with bike ride, Jennie was just getting home from work.  So, while she got changed, I grabbed a granola bar and some water.  Then we were off for 5.5 miles in just under 45 minutes.  Despite just getting off the bike, I still averaged 7:52 min/mile on the run.

Friday (today): Back at the pool again.  This time was 2400 yards straight up.  I ended up doing 2500 yards because why stop at 96 lengths when you can do an even 100.  I finished in 44:06 which averages out 1:45 /100 yards.  I will be very happy if I can keep that pace in open water.  After the the pool, I had to do a 55 minute run.  I decided to do my favorite out and back 8 mile run.  I finished in almost exactly a 8:00 min/mile pace.  I felt great for the first 6 miles, but started to fall apart on the last 2 miles.

This weekend: I have a 2 hour bike ride and 1 hour run scheduled for Saturday with an off day on Sunday.  We are supposed to have crappy, rainy, cold, weather, so I may end up breaking up the workouts and doing one on Saturday and one on Sunday.  That way, I don’t have to go out twice in the same day and I stand a better chance of the weather improving on Sunday.  I was thinking of doing a duathlon on Sunday, but with the crappy weather forecasted, I don’t want to chance losing out on $60 if the race gets cancelled.  Instead, I might go out to Cannonsburg for my first trail run.

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  1. rachel

    Very impressive week!

    Maybe this is a silly question — do you ride your road bike when you go to ride on trails? How is that?

  2. Bret Petersen

    Consider yourself lucky to get 20+ hours in per week. Take advantage of this now that your younger, because after kids and other things life throws at you, it will be harder to find that time. Great job and devotion on your training, Matt’s plans are great to use.

  3. Maria

    Wow, you’ve been busy. Good for you for challenging yourself, it will be good preparation for IM training!

  4. Jon

    Thanks for the links to the movies. I haven’t watched “Spirit of the Marathon” yet. Looking forward to watching it!

    Re: Training hours. When I hit my first 11 hour week this season, I thought I was killing myself. Suddenly 11 hours felt like a short week when I hit the 14+ hour mark. Can’t imagine a 20 hour week yet. When do you sleep? Or is that optional?

  5. Amy

    This sounds intense! Maybe I’ll rethink the tri thing, ha. Great job getting out there and getting it done!

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