Apr 18


Yesterday, I did my long brick.  I was originally scheduled to do a 4 hour bike / 1 hour run, but I decided against doing the full workout.  I really wasn’t prepared for that sort of distance yet, so I backed off a bit.  I ended up doing a 3 hour bike ride and 30 minute run.  I wanted to go longer on the run, but as it was, it was after 6:00 and I was starving.

After lunch, I fell asleep on the couch which caused me to get a letter than planned start.  I headed out just before 2 pm.  My plan was to bike the White Pine Trail again.  This meant that I would be biking straight into the wind for the first half of the ride.  The wind yesterday was around 15mph gusting up to 30mph, so it made for a pretty chilly ride.  I rode the trail further than ever, almost reaching Sand Lake (it goes all the way to Cadillac, but is only paved to Big Rapids).  I turned around 28 miles in which would give me 56 miles for the total out and back.  The ride back was much more pleasant, but there was still a bit of a cross wind depending on the direction of the trail.  My splits were 1:40:01 on the out and 1:26:46 on the back, so it was over 13 minutes faster with the wind at my back.

After finishing the bike, I took a longer than normal 30 minute break before starting the run.  Because it was so cold out, my feet were numb when I got home and I wanted to let them warm up a bit before trying to run.  I took the time to grab some peanut butter and graham crackers to try and appease my grumbling stomach.  Once changed, fed, and warmed up, I headed out again.  The run went pretty well.  My knee (oddly my right knee, not my left knee that usually give me trouble) gave me a bit of trouble 2 miles in.  I walked for about a tenth of mile, the pain went away, and I was able to run the rest of the way.  I ended up with 4 miles at a 8:17 pace.

As soon as I got home, I threw a Red Baron pizza in the oven and hopped in the shower.  I had the house to myself because Jennie was at a bachelorette party.  After eating the entire pizza, I laid around and watched TV for the rest of the night.

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  1. Lisa

    Great job on your brick!

    How funny that you ate the entire pizza. LOL

  2. Maria

    Nice work on the brick, what a productive way to spend your bachelor time while Jennie was gone!

  3. Jon

    Red Baron pizza is my crack! lol

    Nice workout! Tailwind on the return trip is sooooo much better than the opposite.

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