Apr 13

Getting Out the Lead and Carbon


I’ve slowly been getting back into training mode after my marathon on Saturday.  I took Sunday completely off to rest the legs.  On Monday, I got in a swim and a short bike ride.  My legs felt very heavy – like lead.  The swim actually felt great on my legs though.  I was going to do 2000 yards, but ended with only 1850.  I was scheduled to do 200 yards of kick drills but only made it through 50 yards.  They were too much for the legs.  After my swim, I spent some time on the bike.  I took it easy and did 13.5 miles in 48 minutes.

Today, my legs were feeling much better when I woke up.  They still weren’t up for running, so I did another bike ride.  I did laps around Reeds Lake and kept it nice and easy.  It was awfully windy today with a constant 13mph wind out of the east.  I did 29.5 miles in 1:41 and felt awesome afterwards.  I think my legs will be ready for a run tomorrow, but I will play it by ear.


As for getting the carbon out, I am referring to carbon emissions – and this isn’t really by choice.  My beloved Neon, the Red Bullet, is most likely being put out to pasture.  I took the car in for what I thought was going to be a quick repair only to find out that it (along with some other issues I didn’t know about) are going to run about $700.  It is kind of hard to justify putting that kind of money into a 15 year old car that is worth less than $1000.

I’ve had the Red Bullet for over 5 years.  I bought it to replace my previous Neon that was totaled after getting rear ended.  I loved this car.  I put about 75,000 miles on it – many of which were miles spent traveling back and forth across the state when Jennie and I were still dating.  Since getting married though, the Red Bullet has seen less and less action.  Because I work from home and rarely need to drive anywhere, it spent most of its time in the garage. 

We’ll probably look into donating it rather than going through the hassle of selling.  Probably wouldn’t get much, if anything, for it if we sold it anyways with the amount of work it needs.

I don’t think we are going to replace it, at least not immediately.  Now that it is summer time and we can bike pretty much everywhere we need, there isn’t a pressing need to have two cars.  However, I was wondering what kind of vehicles my fellow triathletes have?  The Red Bullet did a great job hauling my bike around and gear around, but obviously isn’t big enough to just toss a bike in the trunk.  I figure that when we finally do replace it, I’d like to get something with a bit more room.  I have my eye on a Honda Element – I just have to convince Jennie that they aren’t ugly :).  So, what do you drive?  And how does it work well for hauling bikes, kayaks, or other outdoors gear?


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  1. Jon

    I used to drive a Jetta Wagon, then last year upgraded to a Passat Wagon. I like the wagons because they aren’t giant tanks, and yet usually have more storage space than most mini SUV’s. The biggest thing I like about wagons is that I never had to take any wheels off to put the bike in the back with the seats down. Happy car hunting!

  2. Maria

    Jon has a good point about the wagons. I drive a Subaru Forester, which can easily fit a bike (or 2) in it with the seats down. It’s a small SUV and perfect for 2. And the all wheel drive is AWESOME in winters!

  3. Jennifer

    I am no help, I have 2 door VW Rabbit but I am going to get a bike rack for it as it is more reliable than the boyfriend’s 15 yr old Cherokee. 🙂

  4. Jim

    I had the same situation with my 2008 Corolla. Finally got rid of it when I needed the has tank replced.

    Just ride youe bike.

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