Apr 10

Conquering the Martians

First off, I want to give a huge “Thank You” to everyone who commented, emailed, called, sent a telegram or sent smoke signals after my last post. As you could tell I was in a rather pessimistic mood and had a depressed out lookout for my marathon this morning.  All that worrying was for nothing.  As many of you pointed out, I did the training, the hard part was over.  I just needed to let my body rest.  I am happy to say that I had an amazing race which included in great weather, a HUGE PR, and tons of photos.

You’ll have to wait until tomorrow (or Monday) for all the gory details and photos, but here are the highlights:

  • I woke up at 4:30 am from a very vivid dream in which I ran a 3:34 marathon.  It was mildly frustrating because it was one of those dreams that you wake up exhausted from because it felt so real.  And on top of that, I felt 3:34 was unrealistic.
  • Got to the starting line 10 minutes the gun went off race director yelled “Go.”  Cut it a little close, but it worked out.
  • Enjoyed the beautiful weather and lovely course for most of the 26.2 miles
  • Ran (nearly) the entire race for the first time.  I walked a couple water stations, but other than that, all running (or hobbling depending on how far along I was)
  • Finished in (queue eerie music) in 3:34 and change!!! I can’t believe it.  It makes for a roughly 13 minute PR. I am still sort of in shock of the fact that I dreamed my time.

Now it is time to rest and ice my knee – it is extremely sore.  I am hoping that it is just tired and not injured. 

Thank you again for the well wishes.  It meant the world to me.

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  1. lindsay

    congrats! 13-min pr AND a “dream come true” (quite literally) 🙂

    look forward to the pics and details! hope your knee is just tired too!

  2. Jon

    Way to go Kevin!!! FAST time! Yeah, super eerie, and this is totally cliche, but yes, YOUR DREAMS CAN COME TRUE! haha!

    Rest up! You deserve lotsa BEER and ice cream!

  3. Jennifer

    You dreamt your time, how cool is that! Great job!!!!!

  4. Maria

    Wow, a HUGE congrats on your performance! You so deserved that, you trained so hard all winter long! A little creepy you dreamed your time though..but whatever works to get you to move! Recover well.

  5. Lisa

    Wow!! Congratulations!!! Weird that you even dreamed that number. Can’t wait to read the details.

  6. David

    Way to go Kevin – looking forward to the details and pic’s!

  7. Mrs B

    HUGE congrats!!!

  8. Amy

    Congrats! You did an amazing job. 12 minutes is a huge PR! Enjoy your success.

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