Mar 26

Dog Days

Again, I find myself playing catch up.  It is crunch time at work and I have found myself working until later in the evening to try and meet my deadlines.  Thankfully, I am on my taper, so my workout schedule was a bit lighter than it has been.

A couple of my days involved dogs, so the phrase “dog days of summer” popped into my head.  The nerd in me wondered what the origin of the phrase is, so I Googled it to find, “The name comes from the ancient belief that Sirius, also called the Dog Star, was somehow responsible for the hot weather.” (Source: Wikipedia)  So next time you are sweating your balls off in the middle of the summer, you can blame Sirius.  Consider that your random factoid of the day.  Anyways, my days this week just involved dogs, they were by no means hot enough to be the dog days of summer.


I moved my 7 mile run from Sunday to Monday to give my sore hamstring some extra time to rest.  It paid off.  I did 7 miles in roughly 53:00.  My Garmin went a little haywire for the first couple miles and showed me running all over the place.  I also did 2,250 yard swim at the pool.  No dogs involved today.


Tuesday’s schedule called for a 1:20 bike ride with 5×3 min Z5 intervals with 3 min active recovery. I stuck to my route around Reeds Lake because it is fairly easy to avoid traffic and be able to do long intervals without hitting much traffic.  This was my hardest ride of the season and in the end I was dog tired (figurative dog today rather than literal).  The wind coupled with the hard intervals, kicked my butt.  I also did a 20 minute strength workout when I needed a break from sitting at my desk.


I did a swim at noon with the core intervals being 4×200.  I got faster each interval with times of 3:15, 3:12, 3:09, and 3:07.  My swim times are still dropping like crazy.  200’s used to take me at least 3:25 less than 6 months ago.  I am crediting the strength workouts for this.

In the afternoon, I did a 4 mile run.  It had been a busy/stressful afternoon of work, so I was itching to get out.  My first mile was 7:23.  I shouldn’t be going this fast, so I told myself to slow down.  Mile 2 was 7:13.  What the heck.  I tried to slow myself down for mile 3 and went 7:14.  This obviously wasn’t working, so I went with it and finished the run in 29:28 with a 7:33 mile.  I guess as long as I was listening to my body and not hurting, it was okay to run harder than I was supposed to.

To get on topic of the blog title, I had a minor incident with a dog on my run.  I was running down the sidewalk and a man walking his dog was walking towards me.  He shortened the leash on the dog, but as I approached, he seemed to let the leash out again.  The dog seemed friendly; it wasn’t pulling on the leash or anything.  But as I passed him, the dog leapt up at me.  Reflexively, I swung my arm and caught the dog on the side of the head.  In hindsight, it was more of a playful leap than an attack leap, but it still startled me.  The guy then proceeded to yell at me for hitting his dog.  Seriously?  I didn’t hurt the dog and I felt bad for hitting it, but if he had control of his dog, it never would have happened.


On Thursday afternoon, our house guest arrived; the in-laws dog, Bagel, is staying with us for a couple days.  She is a good dog although she has a tendency to get gassy when she is nervous or excited and she seemed to be nervous after she was dropped off if you catch my drift.


Immediately upon arriving, Bagel found the bone that she had left here during her last visit before making herself comfortable on her sleeping bag.

After the dog was settled in, I headed out on my long bike ride.  I decided to head out to Rockford on the White Pine Trail.  I had a head wind the entire first half of the ride which made it miserably cold.  I wished I had worn my neoprene shoe covers, but I didn’t think it was going to be that cold.

The Rockford Dam in the Rogue River.  There were a ton of people finishing in the river downstream.

After a quick stop in Rockford to stretch and warm up, I headed back home.  Now that the wind was at my back, I was flying.  The second half of the ride was almost 10 minutes faster than the first half.

I also managed to stay in the aero position the entire time I was on the White Pine Trail, over half of the ride.  I had to stay up on the hoods while on the surface streets though because there was too much traffic.

The ride ended up being 35 miles in 1:56:41 for a 17.8 mph average.


I decided to get up early and get my run out of the way.  This was a bad idea for two reasons.  First, it was only about 14 hours since I finished my long bike ride, so my legs were still tired.  Second, it cooled off a ton during the night and was only 20F when I left so I had to dig out my hat and gloves.

I ended up doing a 4 out and 4 back course and then stopped home to get Bagel for the final 2 miles.  She seemed to happy to go on the run, but she got tired quickly.  It worked out well though because after the run, she curled up in the sunbeam and passed out.

IMG_0046Here she is. Passed out and using my swim towel as a pillow.  The life of a dog is so tough. 

Only 2 weeks until the marathon!

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  1. Maria

    What a busy week you had, but good to hear you still got your workouts in. Hard to believe that the marathon is only 2 weeks away!
    What a cute new roommate you have!!

  2. Jon

    Hope your taper goes well!

  3. Kristin

    I feel like I’m always catching up as well! It’s great you can get out of work and fit in some training, I’d love to find a way to do that even if just once a week! Good luck with the rest of your taper.

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