Mar 20

Race Report: Irish Jig 5k

Today was the annual Irish Jig 5k.  The Irish Jig is a big local race – nearly 3500 runners.  To ease congestion, they split it up into separate men’s and women’s races.  Thankfully the weather cooperated by going from 60F and sunny to 30F, snowy, and windy.  Absolutely wonderful racing weather.  *end sarcasm*   Typical Michigan weather.  Tease us with nice weather and then go back to the same old crap. 

I was not planning on racing today and taking it easy.  I have been overdoing it over the past week and it was catching up on me.  I am supposed to be tapering, but because the weather was so nice all week, I found myself sneaking out on an extra bike ride or squeezing in a couple extra miles.  Unfortunately, when I got to the race, I got too much into the race mindset and wound up running too hard.

I went out strong on the first mile.  Despite being only about 15 yards from the front runners, I still found myself passing people out of the gate an weaving back and forth.  Things spread out a bit on the second mile, however, the 2nd mile was all up hill and into the wind.  I was really hurting after 2 miles, but with only a 1 mile left, I continued to push on.  With the wind at my back and headed back down hill, I picked the pace up a bit.


I finished in 20:28 which is about 1:30 faster than I was planning on running today.  Factoring in the weather and how tired my legs were, I am happy with how I did.  My splits ended up being 6:28, 6:53, 6:32, which shows how much the wind and hill affected me.

Now that I am done, my hamstring has completely tightened up on me.  So, it looks like I will be spending plenty of time with the foam roller and ice pack while I watch March Madness this weekend.  It has been a great tournament this year.  Just watched #1 Kansas get upset by Northern Iowa.  It completely screwed up my bracket (I had Kansas winning the whole thing), but it was a great game.

Official Results

Total Time: 20:28
Overall Place: 168 / 1801 (Men’s Race)
Gender Place: 162 / 1577
Age Group Place: 24 / 194
Run Time: 34:47
Run Pace: 6:36 min/mile

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  1. Lisa

    I always run faster than expected at races. Of course, my version of fast is much slower than yours, but it’s all relative.

    Anyway, that’s one of the reasons I’m racing less and training more.

    Good job on your race!

  2. rachel

    Unrelated to this post, I have a question. I notice that you keep a schedule of your planned workouts on the side of your blog. I often look at what sorts of workouts you are doing as I’m working out a tri training routine for a summer race (or two). What exactly do the letters next to your bike rides mean? Thanks!

  3. Jon

    nice race on tired legs! you are gonna get that sub 20 min 5k next time! I know it!

  4. Maria

    Wow, if this is you ‘taking it easy’ at a race, I’d hate to see what kind of damage you can do when you are on your ‘A’ game!

  5. Mark

    Ummm question…
    If you finished 168/1801 in the mens race but 162/1577 in your gender…. shouldn’t these two statistics be the same??

  6. Krista@CommitmentisLiberating

    Super speedy! Race endorphins always kick in for me too. I think it is impossible to really “take it easy” in a race situation.

  7. Kristin

    In response to your question about IMWI registration – I signed up in person in 2008 after volunteering. At the time it was the only way to guarantee I’d have a shot, plus I wanted to be a part of the race before attempting it myself since I was such a beginner in the sport. The volunteer experience was incredible, so glad I did it. It went online that year but sold out in a couple hours. Last year it went a little longer, but was still sold out by afternoon. With the economy it’s become easier to get into the IM races, but if you have your heart set on one the only guarantee is to come in person or pay community fund. If you can’t make it to the race this year, just be sure you are at your computer at noon on Monday and you should get in. I can’t recommend Wisconsin enough, it was such a special race! Good luck.

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