Mar 01

A Week and Month In the Rearview Mirror

March 1st.  The start of a new month.  The weather is warming up and we spring forward an hour in just a few weeks, which means that Spring should be right around the corner.  The 5 day forecast here actually looks fairly pleasant with temperatures in the upper 30’s and low 40’s.  Fingers crossed that this weather keeps up for the long term.


Time to look back before we can look forward though.

Last Week

I have thoroughly enjoyed this past week.  It was a light week and I got to rest my legs a bit.  I spent some extra time on the bike and doing core workouts.  I did my first “21” workout yesterday.  I found this work on Steve In a Speedo’s blog and it starts with 20 pushups and 1 crunch, followed by 19 pushups and 2 crunches, etc until you hit 1 pushup and 20 crunches.  In the end, it is 210 pushups and 210 crunches.  I took it nice and easy my first time through because I wasn’t sure if I would make it through.  Nevertheless, my arms were a bit rubbery today during my swim.  Next time, I will try and speed it up by taking shorter breaks between sets.

Last Month

Running Swimming Biking Totals
Number 18 12 10 40
Total Distance 123.5 mi 23850 yards 225.0 mi 362.1 mi
Time 16:45:37 7:42:41 13:23:21 10:34:41
Average Pace 8:08   3:17  

Overall, I had a good month numbers wise despite it being a short month.  At the end of January, my goal was to spend more time biking this month and I met that goal.  Last month, I did 7 rides for 8 hours, 20 minutes.  This month, I knocked out 10 rides for 13 hours 23 minutes.  Not only that, but I was able to do my first outdoor ride to Grand Haven.  My running and swimming were a bit off from last month, but that is mainly because of two scheduled light weeks.  I also did about 10 strength workouts throughout the month.  I say “about 10” because I still haven’t found a great way of keeping track of these workouts – Sporttracks just isn’t doing it for me.

As for this month, more of the same.  I have one more long run this week – 22-23 miles.  After that, the taper begins for my marathon.  I took the final step yesterday and actually registered for the race.  Yeah, I know, I like to procrastinate.  I had until the 9th before the price went up so I figured I would wait until the bitter end to make sure my training was going as planned.

One last note.  I emailed the Honolulu Marathon race director to find out when the 2010 date was going to be (the website still has 2009 info).  December 12th is the date.  It looks like we have some planning to do now! YAY!

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  1. Kristin

    Your totals blow mine away! It gets easier in March (at least I keep telling myself that…)

  2. Maria

    Hmm…I hate running, but I could run in Hawaii, maybe that’s something I should think about!
    Nice totals!

  3. Jon

    That weather is looking up! Hope you can get outside on the bike this weekend.

    A good friend of mine did the Honolulu Marathon. Just don’t do what he did, which was fly in, run it, and get back onto a plane two hours later. OUCH!

  4. lindsay

    ooh hawaii. definitely something to look forward to.

    feb is a tough month to me. sure it’s cold in jan too, but you have the “new year” vibes going. then feb comes and it’s still cold, if not colder and you wonder if you will make it to spring. march gives me hope again!

  5. David

    I think there is a fitness tracking program in a product called Ninth Brain Suite – that might help you track your core workouts! Maybe you should ask Scott if the Hawaii ops need to have a site visit? I would support that!

  6. Lisa

    wow. you had a great month!

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