Feb 28

Strong Run and Staying Safe

This week was a rest week as part of my two on, one off training schedule.  So, my long for the week was only 8 miles.  I decided that because it was a shorter distance than I am used to for my long run, I would use it as a tempo run.    After starting off with a 4 mile warm up, I hit the halfway point and kicked it into gear. I dug deep and was able to knock out 3 miles at 7:29, 7:34, 7:32.  While not my greatest 1 mile splits, I am happy with them because the snow/slush made it harder than normal to keep a steady pace without losing my footing. 

The fast 3 miles allowed me to negative split the run with a 31:45 (7:54 pace) on the out and a 30:35 (7:37 pace) on the back.


On top of my great run, I took a step this week to keep myself safe on my long runs and bike rides – I bought a RoadID.  Steve in a Speedo recently posted a 20% coupon code (good until March 15th).  Head on over there if you are interested and give him some love.  The code saved me $6 off the final price.

I ended up going with the WristID Sport model in black.  The website was very easy to use and had a nice customization area to see exactly how your choices would print.  It should arrive on Monday or Tuesday.  I am excited to get it, but I am hoping that I never actually have to use it!

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  1. lindsay

    i like having my road id not only for the ‘comfort’ factor in case something happens, but also for the little extra bit of reflection for cars. even more comforting to me.

    nice job on the tempo ‘long’ run!

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