Feb 24

Feeling Spicy

Update: Krista from Commitment is Liberating let me know that the recipe is available on Rachael Ray’s website here if you are interested.  Thanks Krista!  It makes me feel less guilty for possibly violating copyright by posting a picture of the magazine. 🙂

Over the weekend, while at the in-laws, I was flipping through a Rachael Ray magazine (yes, I admit it) and came across this recipe.  It is a vegetable stir fry and it looked mighty good.  I took a picture of the recipe so that I could make it at a later day.


That day was today.  After my swim, I headed to the store to purchase the necessities.  It was an interesting recipe because it included lots of things I have never cooked with before like Tabasco sauce, fresh ginger, bok choy, and black bean sauce.  On top of that, it included lots of fresh veggies so it was guaranteed to be healthy.  I did alter the recipe a bit and sautéed a cut up chicken breast because I thought veggies alone wouldn’t be filling enough.

After I got home, I realized that I forgot to buy the requisite egg rolls.  So, when I headed out for my run later in the afternoon, I stopped by the store again and picked a up few from the deli.  On my run, I ran into Kelly, a friend and former high school XC teammate.  We ran together for a mile or so while she did her cool down.  It was nice to have someone to chat with for a change.

Getting all the ingredients in order.

I did my best to get everything in order before I started so that I wasn’t running around too much once I got started.  I still found myself hurrying to get veggies chopped before the chicken burned and the sauce made before the veggies were over cooked.  It is nice that a stir fry cooks so quickly, but it really keeps you on your toes.

The veggies stir frying.  It is always so pleasing when the food is so colorful.

I stir fried the veggies in my favorite stir fry pan.  It has one side higher than the other to make flipping the veggies easier.  I tried to take a video of myself flipping the veggies.  It didn’t turn out very well and I ended up with a handful on the floor (oops!).  So much for showing how much easier the pan makes it!


The finished product on our new Asian inspired placemats.  How appropriate.

The meal turned out fantastic.  It will definitely be making a reoccurrence in the future.  It was super spicy though.  Maybe we’ll cut back on the Tabasco sauce next time.  We ended up going through an entire 2 quart pitcher of Crystal Light just to keep our mouths from starting on fire.

IMG_0007 IMG_0009
Enjoying the meal – and realizing that I really need a haircut.  Yikes!

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  1. Krista@CommitmentisLiberating

    This sounds really good! I just found the recipie on the Rachel Ray website so I can give it a try! I bet it would also be good with frozen shrimp or tofu…

    PS You do need a haircut 🙂

  2. Amy

    That looks so good! I’m going to have to give that one a shot. Rachel’s recipes are generally good since they don’t take much effort (usually).

  3. Mooney

    WHOA! Good call on the haircut (that, or you have been taking a page out of my book and using metal tools near electrical equipment.. tsk, tsk).

    Btw, what is all that weird white stuff over Jennie’s shoulder?

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