Feb 23

Burning Rubber

I had a bit of an interesting experience on the trainer today.  I had to remount my bike in the trainer after my ride outside last Thursday.  I tightened the resistance screw on the trainer and hopped on.  As soon as I started pedaling, I knew that I tightened the screw more than usual.  I figured that this would do me some good because I was going to have to push harder than normal.

After a couple minutes though, I noticed a funky smell.  And no, it wasn’t me.  I stopped and found that my rear tire was really hot.  I realized that I was literally burning rubber.  Whoops!

I loosened up the resistance a bit to where it normally is and finished up my ride.

I did 70 minutes with 9x1min at Z5 with 2 min active recovery between intervals.  It was a great workout and I really felt like I was pushing it hard on my intervals.

Now, it is time to continue watching The Office and hopefully doing a bit of stretching and core workout.

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  1. Rob

    You should buy a trainer tyre. Here’s mine: http://ironman-by-40.com/turbo-trainer-trainer-tyre/

    I also noticed you do a lot of swimming, much more than me and I’m training for an Ironman in August 2010. Is there a specific reason for that?

  2. lindsay

    mmm what a pleasant smell! you’re just too fast 🙂

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