Feb 10

Doing a Healing Dance

All of this run training is catching up to me and I am starting to feel some aches and pains.  I am really hoping that the aches go away quickly and don’t turn into full blown injury.  Right now, it is just soreness and not debilitating.

On Monday, as I finished my run, my right calf began to hurt.  It really didn’t affect my run and I actually had a great run despite the pain.  I finished 7 miles with 7:49 pace.  I even had a final mile of 7:16.  My calf just feels really tight – like after getting cramp.  I can walk pretty much pain free.  It is at its worse climbing stairs when I have all my weight on the one foot and even then it isn’t excruciating by any means.

I took Tuesday off from running per my marathon training schedule.  I did spend an hour on the trainer which seemed to help stretch out my calf.  I also did some stretching and core training.  I stuck to only upper body work with the weights to give the legs a rest.

I woke up Wednesday almost pain free.  It was still lingering, but much better.  My 6 mile run went fairly well.  I took it nice and easy.  I had a little bit of tightness at the beginning of the run, but it was nearly gone by the time I finished my run. 

Unfortunately, though, my calf tightened right back up about an hour after my run.

So, here I sit, finishing up some work while I ice my calf and hope that it heals quickly.  I’ve got 21 miles on the schedule for Friday and really don’t want to have to miss it.

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  1. Bret

    I have the same issue this week. I picked up my milage volume and the first thing that happened was a tight left calf. Now the big question – would we gain more by grinding out the long run for the weekend, or by taking a days rest to completely heal the calf?

  2. lindsay

    :-/ hope your calf is feeling better and loosening up. stretch, ice, heat, roll/stick? maybe take today off and then see how it goes friday, knowing you may not get the full 21 in?

    good luck. sending healing vibes your way!

  3. Krista

    I hope everything starts feeling better soon. I would highly recommend a foam roller – they are great for getting the kinks out. No Meat Athlete did a great post about this with all the exercises you do: http://www.nomeatathlete.com/foam-rolling/

  4. jon gilchrist

    take care of that calf. And yeah…if you arent getting on that foam roller…you probably should…

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