Feb 06

Training Began

So, the title of this post was supposed to be “Training Begins”.  At least that is what the title was when I sat down to start this post at the beginning of the week.  As you can probably guess, I never got around to finishing that post and now my official training is a week in the bag.

Monday was the first day of training for my first 2010 half Ironman (Racing for Recovery in June).  I’m doing a modified level 6 program from Matt Fitzgerald’s book.  On top of HIM training beginning, my training of a new employee started this week too.  Besides adding something else to my every growing plate of responsibilities, the training went very well. 


I started off the morning with a quick weights session.  My work training didn’t start until 10:00 and I needed to get some sort of exercise in to prep for sitting for hours.

Because I had to do training for work, I didn’t get to swim until the evening.  I found that really dislike swimming in the evening.  There is something about leaving the pool in the dark that is disappointing.  At least with my lunch time swim, I get that feeling of accomplishment know that there is still half of the day to go.


I had a second day off from running according to my marathon training plan.  However, I still had to do 70 minutes on the bike.  My workout was 7×20 seconds with 2 minute active recovery.  I also added in a few one leg drills at the end of the ride for good measure.


Wednesday was back to a relatively normal schedule so I had time to a lunch time swim as well as a 6 mile run.  It felt great to run again after 2 days off.  I finished the 6 miles in 46:29 (7:44 pace).  I was happy with this run because all of my splits came in under 8 minutes.


Another busy work day.  I had to do some more work with my trainee as well as do a email migration for the entire company which meant lots of time on the phone and lots of GoToMeeting sessions to make sure everyone was setup correctly.  This meant I had to be at my desk all day.  When I finally finished up, I got in a 4 mile run.  I knew that I was going to have to follow up the run with an 1:45 on the trainer so I wanted to get the run does as fast as possible.  So, I basically treated the 4 miles as a speed workout.  I averaged 7:29 for the run and even hit 7:10 for mile 2.

As soon as I got home, I changed and hopped on the bike.  I had to do 1:45 at Z2.  Thankfully I had a copy of Terminator Salvation from Netflix which was 1:54 long.  It worked out perfect.  It was actually a pretty good movie too.  Not as good as T2 (side note: which was the first R rated movie I saw – just don’t tell my parents because I was only 12), but entertaining enough to keep me from getting bored.


Another run & swim day.  I switched things up and did my run before my swim rather than running later in the afternoon.  I took it nice and easy for the 7 miles and finished with an 8:00 pace.  I took it easy at the pool as well and only did 1800 yards instead of my usual 2500 yards.


Today was an off day.  Completely, entirely, sit on my butt and do nothing off day.  Ok, well I wasn’t that lazy, but I did to quite a bit of sitting around.  When I wasn’t sitting around, Jennie and walked up to Reeds Lake for the annual kite festival.  They had free hot dogs, and hot chocolate too!!


P2060046 P2060047

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  1. Maria

    Nice training week! It’s always nice to wrap up the week with a day of and some good time spent with the S.O.

  2. lindsay

    glad training is off to a good start. i typically have the mindset of “needing to take advantage of extra free time on the weekend” with long runs, but i think you may have just convinced me to take a saturday off here and there to enjoy non-running life 🙂

  3. shelly

    Hey Kevin ~ thanks for the comment on my little journey through life via running or as it was this weekend, shoveling! Wow an IronMan by 30! You rock. I am hoping to be ready for a trail 50k in early March. The weather is not helping my efforts. Enjoy your training. I am sure you will inspire me to do more!

    Check out my Two Two Ten post and enter the giveaway from Life Your Sole – Maybe a Valentines Day gift for your beautiful wife?!?!

  4. jon gilchrist

    sounds like a solid week….good job

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