Jan 22

20 Miler

Today was my first 20 miler of my training program.  I was dreading it all week despite the fact that all my runs were going well – better than expected in fact.

I prepped for my run with a great pre run dinner last night prepared by the lovely Jennifer.  Pasta, breadsticks, broccoli, salad, and chocolate milk.  It was delicious. 

Mobile Photo Jan 22, 2010 8 28 19 PM

This morning, I got up around 8:00 and ate an energy packed breakfast.  While I digested a bit, I got some work done before heading out around 9:30.  I wanted to get started earlier than I have for my past couple of long runs so that I wasn’t running into the lunch hour and getting ravenously hungry. 

I started out headed west because it felt like that was the direction the wind was coming from and I wanted to get that out of the way so I wasn’t running into the wind at the end.  However, it seemed no matter which way I turned, I was running into the wind.  Not sure how that is possible – must be global warming or something.  I stopped by my dad’s house along the way to say hello and refill my water bottle.  That was 9 miles in and I was still feeling pretty good.  After that, I headed back east. 

The next time I looked at my watch, I was at 14 miles.  I was ecstatic.  I still felt great.  And only 6 miles to go.  That meant less than an hour of running left.  I had one more stop at the library to refill my water bottle again.  I brought a single serving of Gatorade powder along with me and used that for the refill.  After that, it was just a lap around Reeds Lake and I would be done.  I’ve done that a million times.  No big deal.

Then I got 16 miles in.  That is when I really started to hurt.  I think part of it was mental because up until the 14 mile mark, I was really running blind on what my distance was.  I avoided looking at my watch because I didn’t want to look down and only see 11 miles when I thought it should have been more.  But now that I was at the 16 mile mark, I knew exactly where mile 17, 18, and 19 were going to be.  Nevertheless, I pushed through it and only stopped when getting a drink at each mile mark.

I made it home in 2:51 for an 8:35 pace.  I am very pleased with my time.  It is right where I wanted to be.  My last three marathons had final paces of (8:32, 8:38, and 8:52).  So, I am hoping that by already being in that range with my first 20 miler, I’ll be able to bring that down before race day.

  Mobile Photo Jan 22, 2010 8 27 54 PM

After my run, I took my ice bath.  I had to use ice this time because most of the snow has melted.  I followed that up with my favorite post long run meal of a Red Baron supreme pizza and Coke.  Dessert was a tall glass of chocolate milk.

Unfortunately, I must have been a bit dehydrated because a couple hours after the run, I got a splitting headache.  I took some Advil and laid down in a dark room for a bit and it seemed to clear up thankfully.

And before I go, I’d like you to meet the newest member of my training team – a set of Bowflex dumbbells!!  I have been scouring Craigslist for months since deciding I needed to add more strength training to my weekly workouts back in August.  I have had a couple of hits, but they were gone by the time I called. I got lucky yesterday though.  I met the seller at a parking lot nearby and bought them (over half off the price of a new set!!!).  The only thing wrong with them is that one of the dumbbells doesn’t work if you set it to 20 pounds.  Not a big deal though as there are settings for 17.5 and 22.5 and they work fine.

Mobile Photo Jan 22, 2010 8 33 14 PM

I actually broke them in last night with a quick session to try them out.  I didn’t want to do too much because of my run today though.  I am going to try and at least do two workouts a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays and possibly Thursdays on light running weeks.  I’m super excited!  Tickets to the gun show will be available soon. 🙂

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  1. Maria

    A big congrats to you for the awesome 20 miler, I know that’s a big landmark in your training. It’s also great to hear that training is going so well.
    Love the new toys! Good luck with your strength training!

  2. Jennifer

    Great job on your 20 miler!!! The only thing that gets me through those last few miles are the thoughts of the post run meal!

  3. Krista

    Great job! Sounds like you are right on track! I’m also glad to see you found a set of weights – I think it will mkae a real difference for you to start including weight training!

  4. Mooney

    I was tremendously nervous (with a touch of morbid curiosity) to click on the “gun show” link. Thank you for being merciful.

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