Jan 16

Race Report: Portland Winter Run

This morning, I did a last minute 5k.  I’ve done it the past few years, and it has a history of being brutally cold; only 4F last year.  Thankfully, we are in the middle of a winter thaw with temperatures creeping into the upper 30’s.  I didn’t decide to do the run until yesterday when I talked to my friend Carrie and confirmed that she and her dad would be running as well.

Portland is about an hour away, but the race didn’t start until 10:00, so it wasn’t a super early morning.  Nevertheless, I let Jennie sleep in because she has to get up early every day during the week and it wasn’t worth missing a sleep in day for a 5k.

We got to Portland High School at about 9:00 so I could register and make sure I got a t-shirt.  Last year, they ran out of shirts and just handed out shirts from the previous year.  Apparently they got complaints over that last year, so anyone who late registered didn’t get a shirt on race day and will instead have one mailed.  Whatever works, I guess.

I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to do because my right calf hurts like hell after cramping up on me yesterday at the pool.  It actually hurts more when I am walking than running, so I decided to push it as much as I could.

I went out fairly strong with a first mile of 6:13.  There are a lot of high school students who run this race, and they set a fairly quick pace right off the gun.  The second mile was my slowest mile; mainly because of the hills.  There are two hills that suck the life out of you.  I slowed down to 6:53 for this mile; crap.  I knew I would have to push hard to make it under 20 minutes.  As I turned back for the final mile, I was headed right back into the wind.  Not looking good.

Despite pushing out a 6:37 3rd mile and a 31 second .1 mile, I fell 15 seconds short of breaking 20 minutes.  Craptastic.  But it actually gives me a legitimate 5k PR (unlike the Turkey Trot), so I am happy with it.

After finishing, I grabbed my camera to snap some pictures of Carrie and her dad.

Dave crossed the finish line before I could grab my camera.

Carrie ended up finishing in just under 30 minutes – 29:58.

Not bad for just giving birth to this bundle of joy 3 months ago.

Mobile Photo Jan 16, 2010 6 29 41 PM 

After the race, Carrie forced politely asked for us to take a couple pictures of us all wearing shirts for 3C’s Fitness (a fitness center in Lake Odessa).

P1160011 P1160012 
Because the name of the fitness center was on the back on my shirt, we had to do one with my better back side showing.

Post Race

Post race is the reason to do this race.  They have great food afterwards; better than a lot of the bigger races I have done.

Mobile Photo Jan 16, 2010 6 04 29 PM

I started off with a cup of homemade vegetarian chili, oranges, Great Harvest Bread Company’s Whole Grain Low Carb bread, powdered donut (which I ended up saving for Jennie), and a sour cream donut (that I didn’t save for Jennie)

After scarfing that down, I had to head back for more chili.

Mobile Photo Jan 16, 2010 6 04 44 PM

Well, whatever calories I burned during the run were quickly replenished.

Final Results

I ended up finishing in 20:15, which put me at 6 of 9 in my age group and 38th overall (out of 300-ish).  Last year, I ran slower (21:42) but placed 1st in my age group and 22nd overall.  I guess that is what happens when the weather is a bit warmer – more competition.

Overall, I am happy with my PR, and it leaves me confident that I WILL get under 20 minutes this year when I am 100% and have a bit more speed work under my belt.

Rest of the Weekend

Because of the race, I missed my long run of the week, albeit only a 6 mile run this week.  Probably all for the better as I want my calf to fully heal before I start another hard week of training.  I can’t believe I have to run 20 miles one day next week!!! I may do some easy spinning tomorrow, as the stretching tends to help my calf and that way there isn’t any impact.

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  1. Jon

    Nice PR! With all of the volume for your upcoming marathon, I can imagine your next attempt is gonna be 16 seconds faster (or more!)! You WILL get that sub 20 5K!

  2. Maria

    Congrats on the PR, if you only need to drop 15 seconds, you will definitely get that sub 20 race this year!

  3. carrie

    You forgot to mention that you coughed on the doughnuts so I wouldn’t eat them. Also, my time could have been forgotten or misplaced or not recorded or error due to the time keeper.

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