Jan 05

2010 Goals

I finally had time to collect my thoughts and get my goals for 2010 down on (electronic) paper.  Unlike last year, my goals this year are more defined and quantitative based on bringing down my times.

Sub 3:40 Marathon

If I could get under 3:40, that would be awesome.  I’ll take 3:45 though and be happy.  I will have two chances to meet this goal, but my best chance is going to be my first marathon in April.  The second marathon (tentatively Honolulu) will probably be more difficult to PR in with a potentially crazy travel schedule and running in unfamiliar territory.

Sub 6 Hour Half IM

I was very close in 2009 with a time of 6:08:28 for my debut half Ironman.  I ended up having a much faster swim and bike than I had anticipated, but completely bonked on the run.  I am going to try and improve my time by increasing the amount of run training I do, especially on the brick workouts.  I will have at least 2, but most likely 3, half Ironman races this year (June, July, and September), so plenty of time to reach my goal.  If I go under 6 hours in my first HIM of the year (which would be totally awesome), I may revisit this goal and lower the time.

Add Strength Training

I probably am starting to sound like a broken record on this one.  I really just need to make this a priority somehow.  I still haven’t had any luck finding a good deal on used dumbbells though.  Every time I see a pair on Craigslist, they are gone by the time I email the seller.  One set, I emailed less than 20 minutes after they were posted and they were already gone.  So, until I get dumbbells, I really should at least be doing pushups, crunches, and things like that.

Sub-20 Minute 5k, and Possibly a 10k PR

You may remember that I ran a 19:00 at the Turkey Trot this year.  However, the course was short, and I want to have a legitimate sub-20 5k.  However, this goal is entirely dependent on whether or not I do any 5ks this year.  Usually, I don’t plan ahead for a 5k and sign up at the last minute.  Likewise, the 10k PR is dependent on my race schedule.  I will probably do the Reeds Lake Run 10k, but beyond that, I don’t have any other plans for many 10ks.

Get a Professional Bike Fitting

Sooner rather than later.  I would like to get this done sometime this winter so that I am all set to go once the warm weather returns.  I had few people give me money towards a bike fitting as a Christmas present, so now all I have to do is pick a location to have it done and setup a time.

I think that pretty much does it for my main goals for the year.  I’m counting on all of you to help keep me honest and on track throughout 2010!  Let’s make it another great year!

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  1. Maria

    Solid goals! You’ve obviously put some thought in them and looked over your past seasons to see what you’re capable of doing when pushing yourself. Good luck with them!

  2. Krista@CommitmentisLiberating

    These sound like great, solid goals! In regards to the dumbbell problem, maybe you could start strength training with other props. You can do a lot of great moves with a fit ball and resistance bands – you could also do general plyometrics like more squats, lunges, etc.

    I highly recommend the pro bike fit – it made such a difference in the comfort on my bike. I only got in one ride since I got fit in October so I’m not sure how it will translate for speed but it is certainly a worthy investment!

  3. lindsay

    well planned goals for 2010! i am the same when it comes to shorter races – just hop in them when they mesh with my weekend plans. i need to get into strength training too… but i am awful at working out at home. when i am a member at gym, i am good about going and lifting a few days a week. i’m not sure what it is because i’m definitely not there to flirt or check out guys 🙂

    to respond to your comment on my blog – i avoid soy because i am allergic. i know there are some people who think it’s good for you and others who think you should only have soy in moderation. i guess i’d side with the “moderation” people, but for myself i have to avoid altogether. it’s tough since it’s often in veg oil and veg oil is in a lot of things! (especially baked goods!) 🙁

  4. Amy

    Great goals! I always have a really hard time getting my act together with strength training when I’m doing a lot of running and biking so I definitely share that goal.

    Looking forward to reading about your progress.

  5. Jon

    nice plan! Which 2 (or 3) HIM are you thinking about doing?

  6. Rob

    Great goals. Thanks for sharing. I ran a PB marathon in 3h 45m, and it felt great. I’m pushing for a 3h 30m marathon in 2010. I think it’s critical to add strength training to a triathlon training program, as I’ve commented on your blog before. This is often a missing component from a training regime; this article may assist: http://tinyurl.com/ycx3esw

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