Jan 05

2009 Goal Review

It is finally time to look back at my goals from 2009 to see what I was able to accomplish.

Looking back at my goals from the beginning of the year, here are the goals I set and how I did

#1: Get under an 8:00 pace consistently

I realize now, this was a pretty vague goal.  An 8:00 pace when?  All the time?  Races only?  Overall, throughout the year, my runs averaged out to an 8:05 min/mile pace.  Most of my races, though, were faster than an 8:00 min pace, but I still have some work to do on lowering my pace on marathons.  Looking at all of my races, I averaged an 8:06 pace.  If I take out my miserable 10:13 min/mile pace at Steelhead, it brings my average down to 7:49.  So, I think I can count this goal as semi-completed.

#2: Finally have a sub-2 hour finish at the River Bank Run 25k

Success!!! I killed it with a 1:55:43 (7:24 pace).  I went into this race not sure if I was even going to try and go under 2 hours.  Everything seemed to be going wrong.  It was super rainy, and the original course was flooded, so they had to alter it, which added a couple extra hills.  Plus, I was in the middle of training for the Sunburst Marathon and I didn’t want to overdo it.  About 2 miles into the race, I felt good and was rocking miles in the low 7s, so I decided to see how long I could keep it up.  By mile 10, I knew I was in good shape and confident that I would be under 2 hours.  I kept pushing and couldn’t believe my time when I crossed the finish line.


On top of this run, I also went under 1:40 in the half marathon for another PR (1:37:13).  This wasn’t on my original list of goals because I didn’t have a half marathon planned.  However, this race presented itself to me and I decided to take up the challenge.

#3: Swim 3 times a week

I’ve pretty much held to the 3 times a week schedule the entire year. I did fall back to only twice a week during my serious marathon training, but I increased my yardage on the two days I did swim to make up for it.  Overall, I did 129 swims, which averages out to 2.5 swims per week.  I can live with that.

#4: Keep better swim metrics

I have gotten somewhat better at this.  At least I record the time spent on each workout.  I occasionally will time the individual intervals I do, but I don’t always record them when I get home.  I mainly record the times so that I can make sure I am staying consistent during the workout.  I could probably track more swim data, but at this point I don’t feel the need for it.

#$: Do more swim workouts (rather than just laps)

This goal has completely changed the way I swim.  I used to just go up to the pool and count lap after lap.  I would usually do a mile nonstop and be done.  By doing workouts, I have improved my form, endurance, speed, and enjoyability.  I have been using a variety of workouts from the Workouts in a Binder: Swim Workouts, as well as ones that I just make up on the fly.  The workouts have forced me to become friends with the pull buoy, kickboard, and fins.  On top of that, I started doing flip turns this year.  While the flip turns aren’t going to help me out in the middle of a lake during a swim, I think that they have helped to improve my breathing because I don’t get to rely on taking a big breath each time I touch the wall.

#6: Get a new bike


Check.  I got my new bike back in January, and I love it.  It fits me much better than my previous bike, which makes a huge difference.

#7: Bring down bike times

image image

Here we go again.  Another extremely vague goal.  I should probably take a Goal Making 101 class or something.  I was still fairly new at biking at the start of the year, so I really didn’t know what to expect.  For the two races I did in both 2008 and 2009 (Tri Del Sol and Reeds Lake), I improved my times.  I averaged 19mph, 19.6mph in each race in 2008 and averaged 19.3mph and 21.0 mph in the same races in 2009.  Also, my overall speed in 2008 for all my workouts was 17.2mph.  This increased to 18.8 in 2009.


Overall, I think I did pretty well at meeting my goals.  I may not have met them letter for letter, but goals can change throughout the year as new challenges come up.  For instance, at the beginning of the year, I had no idea I would be doing a Half Ironman.  Had I known that at the beginning of the year, I may have trained differently with that goal in mind.  I am very happy with how 2009 turned out, and I can only hope that 2010 brings the same successes and experiences.

Stay tuned for my next post on my new goals for 2010!

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  1. lindsay

    nice job on your ’09 goals!! your first one is a little vague, but i think even if you go buy the 8:06 average you are pretty darn close! (i would have assumed “8:00 pace consistently” meant avg pace for training runs, but that’s just me). sounds like you hit all of your goals – congrats! (#1 and #3 are check marks in my book) 🙂

  2. Maria

    Gotta love vague goals, but you get points for having goals. Nice job on meeting most of them. Any year that brings a new bike is a good year!

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