Dec 31

2009 By The Numbers

I haven’t had time to go back over my original goals for 2009, so for now here are my stats for the year.  I hope to have a goal review and a set of goals for 2010 ready sometime this week.

Total Workouts: 484
Total Miles: 4,427
Time Spent Exercising: 452 hours 43 minutes
Number of Runs: 246
Running Miles: 1,667 (Roughly Grand Rapids, MI to Miami, FL)
Time Spent Running: 224 hours 33 minutes
Average pace on runs: 8:05 min/mile
Number of Bike Rides: 109
Biking Miles: 2,612 (Roughly New York City to San Francisco)
Average pace on rides: 3:11 18.8mph
Time Spent Biking: 138 hours 54 minutes
Number of Swims: 129
Swimming Miles: 147 (260,374 yards) (Across Lake Michigan plus an extra 30 miles)
Time Spent Swimming: 89 hours 14 minutes
Number of Races: 12
Number of Marathons: 2
Number of Triathlons: 5
Number of PRs: 10
Spent on Race Registration: $957 (lost $65 on a cancelled race)
Number of States Run In: 4 (Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Michigan)
Number of Days Skipped: 33
Months With No Skipped Days: 1
Blog Posts: 112

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  1. carol

    Oooooo, I am going to have to copy this idea for a blog post! Super year you had!

  2. Maria

    It’s always interesting to look at the year in review simply based on numbers. You had some good ones for sure!

  3. Tricia

    looks like a great 2009 ! happy 2010 🙂

  4. Rob

    It’s interesting to see no strength training included. I made a comment here: http://www.triathlontrainingblog.com/?p=2703, which included a quote from Joe Friel, “most of us will improve our endurance performances by lifting weights. My experience tells me this is so.” Read more here:


  5. lindsay

    you keep some serious stats! i love it 🙂 great numbers for ’09, but i look forward to watching them fall in 2010!

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