Dec 18

Twitter: An Electronic Guilt Trip and Motivator

As you may recall, I decided to give Twitter another shot back in August.  However, it took until November to really get into it.  And now I am semi-addicted (follow me at @kevinneumann).  I have TweetDeck installed on both my computer and iPhone (which has quickly become an extension of my hand) and find myself checking for updates throughout the day.  I started following only a few people, but have found more and more interesting people to follow along the way.

The first two times I tried Twitter, I really didn’t have a reason to use it; there was no goal.  However, now with such a large running and tri-ing community online, it finally has a purpose for me.  It is my guilt trip and occasional motivator.  Today for instance, I really, really, really did not want to run.  It was cold out.  I was tired.  And I could make up excuse after excuse in my head on why I could skip this long run.  Then, this tweet comes through from @kwizbee:

are you going to be running in the snow or are you going to make excuses? it may be cold, but bad weather just makes you tougher, SO GO RUN!”

It was like it was meant for just me.  I thanked @kwizbee for the motivation and told him it was enough to kick me out the door.

This was quickly followed up by a:

@kevinneumann kick ass man!!! have fun!

from @triblogcarol

It is like a personal cheering section.  How cool is that?!

In the end, I did my 14 mile run and I felt good about it.  I am glad I did it and even more glad that it is over.  I have 6 miles scheduled on Saturday, and then I have an easy week before it picks back up.  I am looking forward to the lighter mileage.  This week has been very crazy and I could use some time to rest and relax.

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