Dec 13

So Very Sore

I woke up this morning in pain.  My back and shoulders were killing me.  My arms felt like lead.  And it hurt just to move.  I would love to say that this was due to an intense workout yesterday.  But, no.  Instead, it was most likely due to a project I undertook in the workshop.  I got sick of tripping over the wood pile and not being able to find the board I was looking for, so I decided to do something about it.

Mobile Photo Dec 13, 2009 7 06 41 PM
Here is the finished project.  Nice and organized. As usual, I wish
I took a before picture.

What this meant was that I had to move all the wood to one side of the workshop.  Not an easy task when some of the plywood was 8 feet long in a room that has only 9-10 feet clearance in some places because of shelving or other obstacles.  And, then once the rack was finished, it meant moving it all back.  Despite the pain, it was worth it.  It is much more manageable now.

Regardless of the pain, I dragged myself out of bed and got a 6 mile run in this morning.  It actually felt good to run and stretch out a bit.  I was less sore when I got home than when I left, so that is a plus.  It also managed to warm up to a balmy 35 degrees over night, so that meant I got to run in shorts again (you take what you get when you live in a frozen tundra).

I am hoping to do 60 minutes on the trainer tonight still, but as it gets later and later, it is becoming less likely.  Maybe I will make it my compromise to watch Sunday Night Football.

This week will be much lighter.  The training plan I am following totals only 18 miles of running for the week.  I may add a longer run in, otherwise I might go stir crazy.

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  1. lindsay

    cross-training/weight lifting, right? hope the soreness is all just muscular and fades quickly!

  2. Mike

    AN organized garage/shop is stellar. It gives you more space for your bikes…

  3. Tricia

    very nice work, kevin !!

  4. Maria

    Gotta love an organized workspace! Props to you for getting your workout in despite the soreness.

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