Dec 10

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Brrrr… Winter has arrived with a vengeance.  We have had blizzard like conditions here in the mitten.  It isn’t as bad as they said it would be, but all the schools and some businesses are closed today.  I shoveled 3 times today already and it looks like I might be out again tonight to keep up with it.

The day started off this morning at about 6:00 with a sick wife.  She went to bed not feeling well and woke up worse this morning.  It made for a good reason not to make the long drive into work today, so it actually worked out for the best.  However, that meant I would have to play Suzie Homemaker.  I started off by shoveling 4 inches of snow off the driveway.  It was a blessing though compared the previous snowfalls we had.  This was light and powdery snow, not the heavy, slushy crap we had last week.

After the driveway was clear, I headed up to the store to load up on OJ and the fixings for chicken noodle soup.  The roads actually weren’t all that bad.  I think the most dangerous part of this weather is the occasional gusts of wind that kick up and reduce visibility.

Chicken and veggies in hand, I got started on the soup.  I bought a whole chicken from the store and boiled it down to create fresh stock.  Add in some celery, carrots, onion, and spices and we were on our way to having dinner ready before noon.  While the soup cooked I caught up on a backload of laundry now that the our washing machine is fixed.  The replacement part for the machine came in yesterday and I got it installed in about an hour and a half.  It probably saved $150 in service calls, so it’s like making money!  Upon further investigation of the machine, it looks like it may have been broken for a long time and periodically getting worse.  It might even explain all of the ripped clothes we have had in the past year.  Fingers crossed that it is fixed for good.  In between cooking and laundering, I managed to find some time to get some actual work done.

At noon, I had a conference call for work.  I have to be on the call in case anyone asks any tech related questions, but for the most part, I don’t ever have to say anything.  So, it in the spirit of absolute multi-tasking, I setup my laptop and phone and hopped on the bike trainer.  The call last about 10 miles 30 minutes, but I continued on for another hour to get a full 90 minutes in.  It actually worked fairly well.  I had to stop pedaling a couple times to answer a question here and there, but could handle IM-ing a coworker while pedaling.

Another use for aero bars – a laptop stand.  Who knew?

After the bike ride, I got some more work done and shoveled the driveway again before going out for a quick run. Just 4 miles on the schedule today which was reassuring because the wind chill was around 0.  It was slow going over through the wind and snow, but it felt good to do it.  It was so cold.  “How cold was it?” It was so cold that the snow flakes were sticking to my eye lashes and freezing.

Greeted by a camera-wielding wife when I got home.

After my run and some more work, we finally were able to enjoy the chicken noodle soup.  It tasted great (if I do say so myself) and was perfect for a cold winter day.

Now, it is time to actually finish my work day before I completely run out of energy and crash.  I may needs some Mountain Dew to keep me going.

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  1. Mark

    I love the computer stand

  2. Jon

    That bike/computer setup is GENIUS! You have gotten a lot of snow so far this season.

  3. Pamela

    I don’t know how you train in weather like that! I am such a chicken, it just looks slightly miserable outside and I curl back up and stay indoors. And I am not even talking about cold like you guys get. It does not ever get below 10*Celcius here -EVER!

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