Nov 30

Next Stop, Mars

As 2010 nears, it is time to finalize my schedule for the year.  I am getting fairly close to a full schedule, but I am not quite there.  However, I think I have decided on my first race of the season.  In keeping with my general plan to do 2 marathons in 2010, I have chosen the Martian Marathon as my first one.  The Martian Marathon has a Mars/Martian theme, which sounds like it could add a fun element to the race.  The race is invasion begins on April 10th, which puts it almost exactly 18 weeks away.  This is perfect because my standard marathon training program is 18 weeks.


So, that makes today the first day of the training plan.  I think I am going to modify the plan a bit and cut it back to 4 days a week of running coupled with continued swimming and biking to round out each week.  Rather than doing two light workouts (Tuesdays and Thursdays on the schedule), I’ll instead do one speed workout.  This should allow me to fully prepare for the marathon without losing any of the base I have built up for when triathlon season starts back up.

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