Nov 26

19 Flat (Unofficially)

Details later when I have more time, but I just finished the Turkey Trot 5k with a time right around 19 minutes.  I was 19:00 on my watch, but there was no timing mat at the start so I will probably be 19:05 or so officially.  Even at 19:05, it would be a 1:30 PR!!! It is a bittersweet PR though because according to my watch the course was only 2.93 miles.  Maybe I will buy the race director a ruler for Christmas.

Stay tuned for a full report.  In the meantime enjoy your turkey and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Jon

    So does that mean you have broken 20 mins for a 5k? If so, congrats! Thats a HUGE milestone! Thats a very long term goal for me.

  2. lindsay

    congrats on the pr! 1:30 is huge for a 5k, especially to almost break 19!

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