Nov 22

Wrapping Up the Week

I have been remiss in keeping up to date on my posts.  I have actually been doing a better job posting mini updates on Twitter @kevinneumann (yes, I know it is a shameless plug, but follow me! 🙂 ).  No excuse though. I need to do a better job at posting more frequently rather than putting it off and ending up with posts that rival college term papers in length (sorry!).


My workout on Thursday consisted of 90 minutes on the trainer.  Nothing exciting, but I am sort of getting used to riding on the trainer.  Obviously not the most exciting thing in the world, but as long as I have a fan on and something on the DVR, I can get through it.

On Thursday night, I was informed by my lovely wife that I, “Smell like a pool.”  The funny thing is that I didn’t even go to the pool on Thursday and had taken at least 2 showers since my last pool visit. I guess I have just developed a constant pool smell.  I suppose it could be worse.  At least it isn’t a permanent swass smell.  I realized that I have grown completely immune to the smell.  I don’t even notice the smell when I am at the pool.


I had a remarkable day at the pool today.  I did a mile time trial to start and finished with my best time ever.  30:48 for 1800 yards.  The first time I have gone under 31 minutes.  After the mile, I continued to do 700 more yards to round out the workout at 2500 yards.

After my swim, I did a short 4.5 mile run.  I was running out of time, so I had to keep the run short.  The setting sun caused me to pick up the pace and I finished with a 7:35 pace.  I felt like I was running on air.  My foot falls felt fast and soft.

Friday evening, I began planning my 2010 race schedule.  I really haven’t finalized anything.  I more or less just made a list of all my possibilities.  My overall goal is to do 2 or 3 half IM’s along with 2 marathons.  I am sure that I will scatter some sprint and Olympic tri’s in there along with some shorter races, but the half IM’s will be my focus.  My secondary goal is to keep travel to a minimum, so I am focusing on races either in or near Michigan.

All of my work planning races for 2010 caused me to have my first Ironman-related nightmare Friday night.  I dreamt that I was at the start of an Ironman.  We were all lined up on dock for the swim start.  I was the only one wearing a wetsuit, and everyone was looking at me funny.  I was nervous as it was and didn’t need all the critical looks.  To make matters worse, as I stood in line, I realized that I never packed my special needs bags.  I hurried back to my car and Jennie and I tried finding anything we could from the car that would help.  We were able to find a few half full Gatorade’s, granola bars, and other random things.

Ok.  Finally ready to get started.  Or so I thought.  As we were leaving the car, it dawned on us that we had driven my car (a manual transmission).  Jennie thoroughly dislikes driving it and has never taken it beyond the parking lot.  And she was supposed to drive the course as my support crew.  She decided that she would do her best to get around on the course as best she could.

By the time I got back to the swim start, the waves had seriously picked up.  They were so big that people were body surfing.  No one seemed concerned about the waves except me.  At that point, I woke up with a start, glad to have escaped from it.

So, lesson learned.  No race planning before bed.


I went to bed on Friday thinking that Saturday would be a great day for a long run.  When I woke up, I wasn’t feeling it.  Nevertheless, I forced myself out the door.  After my fast pace on Friday, I felt like I was crawling.  I was 5.5 miles into the run, and I wanted to end it.  Instead, I kept going and finished with a 10.36 mile run in 1:23:49; just over an 8 minute pace.  I was very happy and surprised by the time.  I felt like I was moving much slower than that.

Saturday afternoon and evening, I did my best to completely undo the health benefits of my long run.  It started with a trip to Holland for their Holiday Open House.  We first went to the Curragh where we feasted on fish and chips along with an abundance of Guinness.  I needed something to drown my sorrows after yet another ND failure.  That was followed up by a stop at the Peanut Store candy shop where we ended up buying no less than 3 pounds of assorted candy.  If that wasn’t enough, we went to the movies after shopping and snacked on popcorn and frozen drinks. By the time we got home, we were both in a junk food induced stupor and fell asleep nearly instantaneously.


And that brings me to today.  It warmed up again today with temperatures in the 50’s and the sun out.  So, yet again, I dragged my bike back off the trainer and back outside.  I did an easy 27 miles in just under an hour and a half.  It really should not be possible to ride for 90 minutes outside in November.  In shorts.  In Michigan.  I am absolutely loving this weather.  I just hope that it doesn’t mean that we are going to get an extra cold winter once the snow does start though.

Overall Numbers

Overall, it was a great week full of great workouts.

Running Swimming Biking Totals
Number 4 3 3 10
Total Distance 28.9 mi 7550 yds 105.33 mi 121.9 mi
Time 3:49:35 2:39:21 5:58:55 10:58:49
Average Pace 7:56   33:02  

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  1. lindsay

    i hate race nightmares! i had one after my recent marathon, oddly enough. i guess at least i didn’t have a race hanging over my head.

    congrats on the mile swim pr!

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