Nov 14

End of the Week


I had two great workouts on Friday.  For my swim, I did 2500 yards with the main workout being 4x300yds followed by 6×50 yard sprints.  I felt great through the entire workout.  I consistently got faster on each of the 300’s with the 4th one being my fastest (5:03).  The 50 yard sprints were the same way; I consistently increased my speed.  I did start to feel my calves cramping up on the cool down. However, they would only tighten up when I pushed off the wall, so as long as I was gentle pushing off it wasn’t too bad.  I started bringing a water bottle with me this week thinking that the cramping is caused by dehydration, but it hasn’t seemed to help.  Oh well.

After my swim, I did an 8 mile run. I wanted to do some speed work at the same time.  So, I did miles 2, 4, and 6 at a tempo pace.  I averaged 6:53 min/mile for 3 intervals while maintaining a 8:00 min/mile pace for the other 5 miles.  I felt great during this workout.  I really felt like I was pushing hard when I needed to and was still able to hold back and comfortably maintain a decent pace the rest of the time


Today was an absolutely gorgeous day.  I am digging this whole global warming thing.  I had really wanted to go out and do a long bike ride and make the most of it, but my legs just weren’t feeling it.  I ended up doing 20 miles in just over an hour.  I think part of my lacklusterness was worn out legs on top of not eating a substantial enough breakfast before heading out.

While on my ride, I passed by the East GR football field and the smell of burgers and other grilled goodies was wafting over the fence.  The game was just getting started, so after my ride, I showered up and Jennie and I biked back up to watch the rest of the game.  We got there just as the 2nd quarter was starting.  The food was as good as it smelled and the game itself was a lot of fun.

IMG_0201 IMG_0199
Burgers, brats, popcorn, football and a beautiful wife… does it get any better?

Jennie had to make a stop at the Sugar Shack for a ring pop.


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  1. Jon

    You’re right, Global Warming is not such a bad thing, especially this time of year. Its gonna be 65 here today and its the middle of November!

  2. Tricia

    nice going, Kevin! we’re having great weather here in Maryland, too 🙂

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