Nov 10

Congrats to All!

I just wanted to say congrats to all my fellow bloggers who have completed major milestones in their racing careers.  Apologies in advance if I forgot anyone.  It is late and I am tired (that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it).

Jennifer at Bowl of Berries finished the OBX Marathon, her first.

Carol for finishing her first Ironman at Beach to Battleship.

Missy for a great half Ironman finish (1st in her age group and PR) at Beach to Battleship

Pharmie for becoming an ultra marathoner by completing her first 50k.

Anne at Iron Dreams for finishing her first Ironman at Ironman Florida.

Krista at Commitment is Liberating for finishing her first half marathon.

The Lazy Marathoner, Kristin, became an Ironman by finishing Ironman Wisconsin despite battling a flare-up of plantar fasciitis – talk about hardcore.  Hopefully PRP treatment and recovery gets her back on her feet ASAP.

Jon, for finishing the Timberline Half IM with a sub 6-hour time.

Iron Trish, for kicking ass in Ironman RI 70.3, the Delaware Diamondman Half Iron in September with Ironman Cozumel coming up November 29th.

Chasing the Kenyans blogger Lindsay for a 6:22 PR at the NYC Marathon.

And I can’t forget Steve In a Speedo for a 5k win, a great 10 mile PR, and some booty shaking moves.

Again, congrats to everyone!  Your accomplishments provide encouragement to keep me reaching for my own goals.

Finally, I leave you with this cool time lapse video from the NYC Marathon the lovely Jennifer found.

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  1. Krista

    Thanks for the congrats! You deserve a pat on the back too! Your first HIM! You will be doing the full before you know it 🙂

  2. Jennifer

    Aww thanks for the kudos Kevin!

  3. Tricia

    Oh wow, thanks for the shoutout Kevin !!

  4. lindsay

    belated thanks for the shoutout! that was a cool video – i kinda tried to find myself… unsuccessfully of course.

  5. carol

    Belated thanks for the kudos!

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