Oct 27

On the Mend

A big thanks to everyone for the “Get Well” sentiments.  I think I am starting to get back to 100%.  Not quite fully there, but close.  My nose is still a little stuffy and I am blowing my nose every 5 minutes, but other than that I am good.  Nevertheless, I have been trying to get in my usual workouts.  Except for a few coughing fits on my runs, they have gone fairly well.

This past weekend, I moved my bike into the basement and onto the trainer. While I was setting everything up, I noticed the back tire looked kind of funny.  I realized that I have almost completely wore through it.  Yikes!  With how it looks, I am glad I made it home on my last ride without a flat.  I found the replacement tires I want online.  They are Michelin Krylion Carbon 25’s.  I found quite a few favorable reviews on them, so I am going to give them a try.  The tires I have now are Continental Ultra Race 25’s.  They lasted me less than 1,800 miles which doesn’t seem like a lot, so I am hoping the Krylion’s last at least 2,500 miles, if not more.  I read quite a few decisions regarding 23c’s versus 25c’s and I think I am more confused now than ever.  I decided that the 25’s have worked for me so far, so I will stick with them.

Now that I had gotten the bike inside and new tires picked out, our lovely Midwest weather decides to give a bit of heat wave (if you can call low 60’s a heat wave).  Wanting to enjoy the weather, I stopped at the LBS today to buy the new tires rather than ordering them online.  Unfortunately, they had a very limited supply because it is the end of the season.  The only 25’s they had were a set of Bontrager Selects.  They were cheap.  Only $15 each compared to the $50 for Krylions.  Desperate to get something, I bought them.  I figure that I will still order the Krylions at some point and I can use the Bontrager’s in the meantime.  They will also probably make good tires for use on the trainer because I won’t care if I burn through them.

Anyways, I now have a new rear tire (I didn’t bother changing the front one yet because it didn’t look nearly as bad).  If the weather keeps up like it is supposed to, I might do a 40 mile ride on Thursday out to Grand Haven.

As for running, my favorite loop is closed.  Ugh.  They have closed the entire road so that they can repair the bike path that is NEXT to the road.  And by closed, I mean no way around it.  You can’t really even sneak through because of the wetlands on both sides of the road and amount of constructions signs they have up.  So, no more 6 mile loop until November.  Bummer.  I think tomorrow, I will turn lemons into lemonade and get a longer run out of it.  The plan is to run around the lake up to the construction signs, turn around and head back.  That will actually turn the run into an 8 miler.  We’ll see how it goes.

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  1. Joy

    I hear you about coughing fits while working out – UGH. Glad to hear your workouts haven’t suffered too much.

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