Oct 12

Like a Fish

I have officially passed 100 miles swimming this year.  It only took me 63 hours and 26 minutes.  Actually, I passed the 100 mile mark a couple days ago, but apparently the Buckeye Outdoors website doesn’t do conversion from yards to miles very well.  According to them, 185,882 yards is equal to 99 miles.  It is actually 105 miles, so there must be a rounding error somewhere.  The math geek in me wants to figure out where the problem is and let Buckeye Outdoors know about the error, but the procrastinator in me is going to put that off until later.

Nevertheless, 185,882 yards over the course of 99 swims averages out to better than a mile per swim.  I’m pretty amazed the average is so high being as I didn’t start swimming a full mile at a time until earlier this year.  I started swimming just a year and half ago, barely making it 4 lengths before needing a break.  I eventually worked my way up to 20 lengths (500 yards) and then to a half mile.  Not long after that, I felt ambitious and took on a full mile.  Now, I do at least a mile each visit, although most of my workouts are around 2500 yards.

Most importantly though, I am really enjoying swimming.  I started out swimming simply so I could finish a triathlon.  I did it because I had to.  I didn’t love it, I simply got through it.  Now, I look forward to my Monday, Wednesday, and Friday lunchtime swims.   It is fun to see improvement.

Obligatory math geek joke… (apologies)

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  1. running_marcus

    Hey! I am in that 100mile swim challenge az buckeyeoutdoors as well and i am quite sure i’ll finish the 160k in water as well. Over 2 months left and onlay 29km to go…ähm…swim.
    have a nice day, Marcus

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