Oct 02

September Totals

September has come and gone.  And with it, another packed month of training (as well as the warm weather).  My race season (triathlons at least) has come to a close.  I have a few more running races yet this year, including a half marathon this weekend.  On top of that, I have some decisions to make this month on what my race schedule will be next year.  My basic options are 1) tackle an Ironman next or 2) focus on improving my half Ironman by doing 2 or 3 races next year and then tackle the full Ironman in 2011.  I know I could be ready for an Ironman next year, however I am leaning to the 2nd option to ensure that I am fully prepared to do my best.  Decisions, decisions…

Monthly Totals

Running Swimming Biking Totals
Number 18 11 12 41
Total Distance 145.6 mi 25850 yards 309.90 mi 470.2 mi
Time 19:54:40 9:02:57 16:48:43 45:46:21
Average Pace 8:12   3:15  

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