Sep 28

Sufficiently Soaked

Today’s workouts were all about increased drag coefficients; both in my swim and my run.

First, the swim.

My saga to get a new swimsuit is hopefully coming to a close.  I ordered a new suit online about a month ago, however it was backordered.  After being promised that it would ship as soon as they got more, I held out hope that it would still arrive in a decent amount of time.  After 3 weeks, I gave up hope, canceled the order and ordered a different suit.  That one has already shipped and should arrive anytime.  However, today I wore my swim trunks rather than my jammer out of fear that the final threads in my current suit would finally give way, leading to an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

I can’t believe how much slower I was wearing a baggy suit.  My 300 yard intervals were nearly a minute slower than they usually are!  I suppose that it is making me work harder, but it just made me feel sluggish.  It was sort of mentally defeating to be so much slower, but I survived.  My shoulder, which has been giving me off and on problems, didn’t bother me much, so I can look to that as a positive from the workout.

On to the run. 

I headed out this afternoon when there was a slight break in the weather.  In case you aren’t from the area, we have been having some crazy weather the past couple days.  Fall is starting with a bang.  Temperatures have dipped into the 50s.  Then, throw in a cold rain coupled with winds gusting up to 50 mph and you know what we are dealing with.  The first 4 or so miles of the run were mostly dry with the rain picking up a bit after that.  By the end though, it was really pouring.  By the time I got home, I was soaked through and through.  I actually weighed myself in my wet clothes and sans wet clothes.  The difference was a full 5 pounds.  That’s almost like running with weights.

Overall, it was a great run.  I really don’t mind running in the rain all that much.  However, a warm spring rain is preferable to a cold fall rain.  Nevertheless, I made the best of it.  It was a very consistent run over the 10 miles with all of my mile splits falling within a 20 second window (fastest: 7:53, slowest: 8:13) for an average of an 8:01 pace. I also had a slight negative split; second half 20 seconds fastest than the first – I’ll take that any day.

Overall, two great workouts to start the week.  We’ll see how my bike training goes now that the weather has turned.  Perhaps I’ll have to move the bike onto the trainer, but we’ll see.

Finally, as I mentioned, fall is upon us, so I leave you with this, courtesy of Pure Michigan.  Enjoy.

In case you don’t recognize the narrator, it is Tim Allen; star of the 90’s sitcom
Home Improvement and native Michigander

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