Sep 22

2 Down

I swam two miles for the first time tonight.  Two, non stop (expect for a goggle malfunction halfway through) miles that is.  It is the furthest I have ever swam.  I finished in about 1:07.  I forgot my watch so I had to just watch the lap clock and I forgot to look at it right when I started, so I’m not sure on the exact time.  I did the 2 miles in sets of 10 lengths.  10 lengths regular, then 10 lengths with a pull buoy, lather, rinse, repeat.  For the first mile or so, I was fairly consistent at hitting each set at 4:30.  However, I began to slow down a bit after that and was doing probably 4:45/4:50 per 10 lengths.  Once I passed a 100 lengths though, it was all down hill from there.  I picked it up as much as I could on the last two sets and got those back down to the 4:30 range.

It sure does get kind of boring after a while.  I was the first one in the pool for lap swim and the last one out.  I actually had to ask the lifeguard to turn back on the locker room lights so I could see my lock and get dressed.

I also did a bike ride this afternoon.  28 miles in about an hour and a half for just over an 18 mph pace.  It was a fun ride on a route I haven’t done before.  In a couple of weeks, once the leaves start to change color, I’ll have to do it again because almost all of the roads were lined with trees.  It would be gorgeous. 

As you can probably tell, I am on the mend.  My stomach is still a little iffy, but not bad enough to keep me inside!  Gotta enjoy this warm weather while it lasts.

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