Sep 21

Fighting Sickness

Today has not been a fun day.  I felt pretty good this morning except for the fact that I had no voice.  That, however, I still think is a  residual effect of cursing assisting the Big Ten morons officials at the Notre Dame game on Saturday.  My throat isn’t sore, I just can’t talk without sounding like a 2 pack a day smoker.  My throat is about the only thing that isn’t sore though.  I have had an off and on headache all day coupled with my reoccurring stomach trouble. 

I felt fairly fine this morning, just a bit of a headache.  I took a morning power nap that helped the head, but caused me to miss my noon swim.  Probably for the best though.  After some food, I was feeling pretty good.  I got some more work done before deciding that I was up for a run.  I wanted to do another mid distance run like yesterday to make up for not doing a long run last weekend.

About halfway through my run (5 miles or so), my stomach started to act up.  Great.  I was at least 3 miles from home at that point.  So, it was either 3 miles straight home or 5 miles to complete the run I wanted to do.  I decided to suck it up and continue on.  I stopped a couple times along the way to let my stomach settle and to grab water at a couple drinking fountains, but chugged along for the most part.

Compared to yesterday’s amazing run, I felt miserable today.  Nevertheless, I finished 11 miles in 1:31:19 for an 8:16 pace.  The pace is quite shocking to me.  I really thought I was going to be lucky to get under 9:00 pace, so despite the pain, I am happy with the results.

After I got home, the stomach ache still didn’t go away.  In fact it got worse.  It got to the point where just sitting on the couch was painful.  I have been taking it easy the rest of the evening just hoping that it goes away. 

Here’s to hoping a good night’s sleep fixed me up.

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