Sep 13

Going Long

After a great Reeds Lake Triathlon yesterday, I spent the rest of the day relaxing.  After the race, we headed up to the Farmer’s Market and got a slew of fresh vegetables to go along with the fresh fruit Jennifer had picked up at a farm stand on Friday.  After that, I enjoyed a thrilling, yet disappointing, Notre Dame – Michigan game followed by more disappointment as the Detroit Tigers continued their 5 game skid.

P9120003 P9110028
The fresh fruits and veggies we got from the farm stand and Farmer’s Market

So, today, I decided to put success in my own hands, rather than relying on the Detroit Lions, and went out on a long run.  I had attempted a long run back on Thursday.  However, I had to cut it short because of lingering stomach issues.  Thankfully, my stomach has been better the past couple of days, so hopefully my problem was just due to something I ate earlier in the week.

I headed out on my run at about 11:00 with no firm idea on where or how long I would run.  I started by going around Reeds Lake before heading out to Calvin College.  I turned around at the end of the Calvin athletic fields.  I was at 8.25 miles at this point and was able to refill my water bottle at a drinking fountain.  I figured that I could essentially head back the same way I came and get in 15 miles (my goal on Thursday).  I actually did the second half on a more direct route that was a bit shorter.  By the time I made it back home, I was just hitting the 15 mile mark.  I finished in 2:08 for an 8:30-ish pace; not too shabby.

Boy, are my legs tired now.  It’s that good, sense-of-accomplishment tiredness, though, which is a great feeling.

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