Sep 09

Working Out Instead of Working

I had the day off from work today for some personal obligations.  Well, not totally off, I still took care of some emails and minor projects, but for the most part I was off.  Because of this I had some extra time to workout today. 

I ended up doing two runs today – one in the morning and another in the afternoon.  My stomach seems to finally feel a bit better and I wanted to take advantage of this good fortune.  For the past couple of days, my stomach has just felt “off” – sort of queasy and gurgly.  I think it is all of the eating out we had been doing the past couple of days.  In fact, tonight was only the 2nd home cooked lunch or dinner that we have had in about 6 days.

My first run was 5.5 miles at an 8:07 pace.  I felt great and wanted to go a bit longer, but was running out of time and had to get home and shower up.  The second run was about 6 hours later.  I did a little over 4 at just under an 8:00 pace.  Again, I felt great.  It was sort of fun to do a 2-a-day.  Reminds me of cross country practice in high school. 

I had to miss my normal lunch time swim today.  However, I went up to the pool for the evening lap swim.  I have the worst luck with the evening swims though.  Last time the pool was filled with a local tri group that was very reluctant to share the pool.  Today, I got up there at 8:00 and the high school water polo game was still in progress.  By the time they finished the game and got the lane lines back in the pool it was 8:30. Despite the late start, lap swim still ended at 9:30, so I had to get my workout done quickly.  I forgot my watch, but that was actually nice because it was more of a stress free swim.  I ended up doing 6x75yd for a warm up followed by 500yd, 400yd, 300yd, 200yd, 300yd, 400yd, 500yd, and a 200yd cool down – 3250 yards total. 

This was my longest swim yet and I felt great.  I did have some cramps starting to form in my calves, but they never fully cramped up on me.  I found a pretty good resource on dealing with cramps during the swim that may help me figure out how to avoid them in the future.  From first glance, it looks like I need to work on relaxing my ankles so that my calves aren’t stretched out as much.

The plan for the rest of the week is a long run tomorrow (hopefully around 15) and then a short bike ride on Friday before Reeds Lake on Saturday.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Rob

    Great workout and times. I’ve just noticed your workout widget on your sidebar. I want one!

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