Sep 08

My New Wetsuit Has Arrived!

My new Xterra Vortex 3 wetsuit arrived today.  I am very happy to have it for the Reeds Lake Tri this weekend.  I tried it on this evening, and it fits like a glove- a very snug glove.  The arms are bit long, but according to the Xterra website you can cut them to fit.  I’m not sure if I will do that before Reeds Lake or not.  I am sort of hesitant to take scissors to a brand new purchase.

Other than the fit, it feels totally different than my Body Glove wetsuit- much more snug and streamlined.  On top of that, it is hot.  I was very warm in it, which I suppose is a good thing because some of the races I have done this summer have had quite chilly starts.

I’m not sure if I am quite pulling off the look the
Xterra model is, but it works for me.

On my bike ride today, I had an idea which could be the next big thing.  I realized that wearing a wetsuit makes you (at least me) feel like a superhero.  So, what if wetsuit companies (Xterra, Orca, etc.) all teamed up with Marvel and DC comics to create superhero themed wetsuits.  How cool would it be to have a Superman or Batman themed wetsuit?  It would sure add a distinctive look to athletes coming out of the water.

Feeling so much like a superhero, I started to fly today.

To top that, the Batman themed suit could come packaged with the standard Batman tool belt equipped with Shark Repellent for those ocean swims.

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  1. Rob

    Very fetching. I got my wetsuit off ebay. It was pre-owned by a guy who’d completed two ironmans in it. I thought some of his achievements may rub-off onto me! Anyway, I prefer the girl in the photo. Sorry.

  2. Krista

    I love this idea. I’m sure my husband would be all over a Batman wetsuit!

  3. David

    Kevin – don’t forget to pack your wetsuit for the NB retreat. The ladies will certainly need to see your new streamlined look. I bring my wet suit and instead of a corn hole tournament maybe we can have relay where everyone will have to put on the wet suit – wait a minute – very bad visual. Let’s stick to the corn hole tournament! See you this Saturday and race well!

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