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Relaxing on Labor Day

In the spirit of Labor Day, I did very little laboring.  It was nice to just relax for the day after a fun-filled weekend.

The weekend started off on Friday with a long run in morning.  I got in a 13.1 mile run – at least I will be able to finish half of whatever fall marathon I end up registering for.  I managed an 8:35 min/mile pace for the duration which felt very comfortable.  It was one of the earliest runs I have done in a long time.  I headed out around 7:00 AM which is completely unusual for me.  I usually don’t run until 10:00 AM at the earliest if not even later in the afternoon.  However, we had plans for the afternoon, and I really wanted to get in a long run.  It’s probably good to get some morning runs in anyways so race day isn’t a complete shock.

imageAfter the run, we packed up the car and headed Up North to the Leland area.  We spent Friday afternoon walking around Leland before heading to the White’s for the evening.  The White’s graciously let us stay in one of the spare bedrooms of their lovely house on Lake Leelanau.  Saturday was spent exploring the other small towns in the area; Sutton’s Bay for breakfast and wine tasting at Black Star Farms.  Then it was to Omena for lunch at Knot Just a Bar and then back to Leland for more shopping and to enjoy the beach.


I’d like to say that I took time to exercise, but that isn’t the case.  I would have loved to have my road bike up there though – it would sure make for a challenging ride.  There were hills everywhere.  And not just small hills.  I’m talking about shift-back-down-into-third-or-we-might-start-rolling-backwards-in-the-car hills.  I had a chance to do some swimming at the beach though, but not enough to be called a workout.

You know you are in the boonies when the gas pumps
don’t have digital displays and don’t have pay-at-the-pump

After the beach, it was back home.

Best ice cream place we have found.  If you ever find
yourself driving through Baldwin, MI, it is a must. 

On Sunday, I managed to get in a bike ride albeit a short one.  I did 18 miles around Reeds Lake and Calvin College in about an hour. Halfway through the ride, I thought it would be a good idea to turn the workout into a mini brick workout and head out for a run afterwards.  However, when I got home, that suddenly didn’t seem like such a good idea, so I didn’t do it.  Part of it was laziness, but the other part was that I realized I hadn’t eaten very much that day and was getting hungry.

As for today, I actually got some light exercise in.  Jennie and I went on a casual bike ride around the neighborhood doing an easy 10 miles.  After that, I did a quick 3 mile run.  Again, my stomach wasn’t into the run and I decided to keep it short and easy.

I’ll probably have a fairly light week this week as a mini taper for the Reeds Lake Triathlon.  I still will do a long run – maybe 15 miles on Thursday, but I’ll keep my bike rides short, sweet, and to the point.  I also want to get in a couple of swims before the race.  I missed my swim on Friday because of our trip and then again today because the pool was closed.  I’ve found that skipping a couple of swims really throws off my rhythm, so I want to make sure I have all the kinks worked out before Saturday.

Time to get back to the real world.

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  1. Rob

    I love going for early morning runs. I find the same route takes on a whole new meaning. For example I run past a bakers. At night its closed, in the morning it’s open baking bread. The smell is great. Interestingly, your personal bests are almost exactly the same as mine! I often think that more speed work running would improve them, but then again I need to increase my power output on the bike!

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