Aug 30

Finishing the Week Strong

I have had a great end to a light week of training.  I cut back on a few days because of work obligations and to give my legs a bit of a rest.  I picked it back up the past three days and have had great workouts.  I had a 10 mile run on Friday followed by a 40 mile ride yesterday.

Today, my goal was to do an 8-ish mile run just to get the miles in.  I ended up doing 7.5 miles in 59:48 accompanied by the lovely Jennifer on the bike.  I really thought the course was going to be the full 8, but my distance estimations must have been a bit off.  Nevertheless, it was a very strong run.  There were 3 decent sized hills and I was able to push it all the way to the top without feeling sluggish.  In fact, two of my fastest three miles included hills: 7:44 and 7:47 respectively.  I had a strong finish as well with another sub 8 mile and a 6:59 pace for the final half mile.

This run put me above 30 running miles for the week again.  I am aiming to do a fall marathon of some sort, so it is good to get this base mileage in.  I haven’t decided which marathon, but the Grand Rapids Marathon will probably be my fall back because it is in town.  The OBX Marathon sounds like a lot of fun, but I don’t know if I am up for the travel.  Either way, I really need to nail down a decent training schedule for the next few weeks.  I am sure that I can get my mileage up where I need it to be, but I like to have weekly goals written down so that I don’t get off target.  In the past I have followed Hal Higdon’s wonderful training plans, so I may just use those again.  However, I was thinking of trying something new that I read about in Runner’s World a few months ago.  The gist was to focus less on long runs (18 – 20 miles) and more on medium distance quality ones (12 – 16 miles).  It even suggested that rather than doing a 20 mile run, to do back to back 12 miles with the second day at a faster pace than the first.

Weekly Report

Running Swimming Biking Totals
Number 5 2 2 9
Total Distance 32.18 mi 5400 yd 53.34 mi 88.6 mi
Time 4:20:11 2:06:33 3:03:39 9:26:26
Average Pace 8:05 min / mile   17.43 mph  

Birthday Wishes

On a completely unrelated note, Happy 26th Birthday to the bestest, most wonderful, wife, supporter, and best friend.

IMG_4242 IMG_4229
A cake complete with a tub and a half of frosting and Jennie’s first wetsuit

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  1. Tricia

    Great week and a happy birthday to Jennie ! I’m a big fan of HH’s plans … I used the intermediate II for National this year.

  2. David

    Kevin – If Jennie got her first wetsuit, does this mean she is particiapting in tri’s next year? If so, who is going to take pictures next year?

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