Aug 28

Reason #26 Why I Should Be On Twitter

I have tried Twitter, twice now, and I just don’t get the appeal.  Then something like this comes along and I realize what I am missing.

@lancearmstrong: Good morning Dublin. Who wants to ride this afternoon? I do. 5:30pm at the roundabout of Fountain Road and Chesterfield Avenue. See you there.

Granted, I am a 15 hour plane ride away from Dublin, but still, how cool would it be to ride with Lance?  According to the full article, over 1,000 riders showed up and the police closed down the 6 km circuit course.

Very jealous.  Do I give Twitter a third try? A 3 strikes and out sort of thing?

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  1. Anne

    I’m with you … I don’t get Twitter, but that is too cool!

  2. al

    i was pretty twitter skeptic as well, but over the last few months i’ve converted. it took a little while to get the gist of it, granted, but worth the persistence.

    the main reason is; it’s got a fantastic tri community. it’s great to get support, read about others trainings, products found + loved, injuries fixed + healed, and get on the fly advice. once i was attempting to change over my bike pedal, and tweeted my despair. within four minutes i had advice; problem solved. that’s a pretty effective turnaround!

    but it does take a little time/effort to set yourself up within the community. find a tri-er, and start following their followers. on fridays, there’s “follow friday” where people will tweet their favourite followers. that’s a good way to find other quality tri-ers also.

    look forward to following your journey; i’m on a somewhat slower mission to ironman. have two sprints + an oly under my belt, next year it’s HIM. that’s as close as i’m getting thus far!!

    happy tweeting 🙂

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