Aug 22

Crazy Garmin

My Garmin 405 went a little haywire yesterday.  I knew something was up when I finished my standard Reeds Lake loop and my watch was reporting that the course had mysteriously gotten .15 mile shorter than the last time I ran it.  When I loaded the workout data on the computer, this is what I got.


Apparently, not only did I start from someone else’s house, but then I proceeded to cut through a few peoples’ yards rather than follow the road.  Then, rather than following the logical course around the lake, I took an angular route through more yards before getting back on the course.  Weird.  I don’t remember doing that.  The good thing is that SportTracks does a pretty good job of route error correction and fixed the route to show that I did the full 6 miles.

Maybe this is just a sign of things to come.

Anyway, I had a good 6 mile run yesterday, followed by a nice and easy 10 miler this morning.  It is very nice to be building up my running base again.  This will be my first week in a long time where I will surpass 30 running miles.  YAY!

Tomorrow is the Ludington Triathlon, so time to get all packed up and ready.

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