Aug 18

Long Ride

I went out on a long bike ride today.  I have been wanting to get out and ride the Kent Trail and they have finally reopened a section of the trail where I get on, so I figured today would be a great day to give it a whirl.  It was a beautiful day for a ride.  A little windy, but not too bad.  Trail riding is definitely different than riding on the street and to be honest I almost enjoy riding on the street a bit more.  The trail ride was a nice change, but it seemed bumpier than the roads I ride on and there were more road crossings than I remember from the past.  I pretty much had to stop and unclip at each road crossing.

My 40 mile Tour de Grand Rapids

For the ride, I headed out towards John Ball Zoo to hop on the trail.  This part of the trail is brand new and was as smooth as butter.  From here, I jumped on the trail to take me out towards Byron Center.  The first half of this portion of the trail was a combination of bumpy trails and riding on the shoulder of the road.  However, once I got to 44th street, the trail opened back up and was much smoother.  There was also a lot more tree cover on this portion of the trail and it was actually refreshingly chilly in the shade.  It also made my sunglasses unnecessary.

After getting to 84th street, I stopped by Houseman’s Ice Cream for a soft serve ice cream.  It is a good thing I carry “emergency” money with me for just these occasions.

IMG_0091 IMG_0088
Houseman’s Ice Cream and my mid-ride snack

After finishing my snack, I got back to it and headed back down the Kent Trail and picked up the new M-6 trail which runs along the expressway.  This is less than a year old, so again, very smooth.  However, because it is along the expressway, it isn’t very scenic.  Also, it is very hilly when it comes to trail riding.  No complaints here though.  It felt good to push the legs a bit on the uphills and fly down the downhills.

I looped around back towards home finishing the ride in 2:11:20 for a total of 39.44 miles, which averages to an 18mph pace.  Overall, I am very happy with the ride.

AND the lovely Jennifer brought home a giant Slurpee for me.  I was craving one yesterday and she remembered.  Isn’t she great?

The remnants of my post race Slurpee

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