Aug 13


Feel free to queue up some mid 90’s Presidents of the United States for the duration of this posting if you want.

Earlier this week, I noticed a lump on my right calf.  Generally, the finding a lump, conjures up bad thoughts.  I did some research and found that the most likely causes were:

  • herniated muscle (which I doubted because there was no pain)
  • a cyst
  • DVT (again doubted this because I am obvious very active)
  • fatty build up

The lump doesn’t cause me any trouble, it is just there.  It is a little tender (like a bruise) when I push on it, but that is it.  I don’t feel it when I am running or biking either. 

In order to play it safe, I scheduled a doctor’s appointment for today to have it looked at.  Originally, I figured I should just schedule a full physical because I haven’t had one in a while.  However, there wasn’t any openings for a full physical until December (talk about ridiculous), but they could see me for the lump.

The appointment was quick and painless.  I have a lipoma which is essentially a fatty build up, so at least it was one of things I had self-diagnosed.  My doctor said that I really don’t have to worry about it unless it becomes a problem.  Usually people have them removed if they are in an inconvenient location or if they are a cosmetic problem.  Mine is currently not even visible without touching it, so I’m not going to worry about unless it grows.  I asked what the down time is if I decide to have it removed and he said there isn’t any.  It would be a quick procedure with a couple of stitches.  I even found a video of the procedure on YouTube (you can find anything online) and it didn’t look too bad.

Other than that, my training has been going very well.  I did a hard, hilly bike ride today and still managed a 19+ mph pace.  I’m going to keep working on my hill climbs in preparation for the Reeds Lake Triathlon which includes the mammoth Fulton hill.  My goal is to maintain 16-17mph on the hill come race day.  Plenty of time to get ready.

Stay tuned!

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