Aug 09

Ick. Hot and Sticky

I went out for a bike ride this morning.  It was like riding through soup.  It is like 3000% humidity out today.  Ok, well not that high, but probably the worst it has been all summer.  On top of that, it is relatively windy (23 mph with gusts up to 30mph), but that hasn’t seemed to help with the heat and humidity.

I headed out towards Caledonia into the wind for the beginning of my ride.  I really didn’t have a course in mind, just that I wanted to get about 30 miles in.  I really enjoyed the ride out in the country.  The roads were fairly well maintained with very light traffic.  The only downside is that it is the countryside with lots of farmland which meant zero shade.  My legs felt extra tired today for some reason, but that might have been just another ill effect of the heat.  I made it out to 84th street before deciding to turn back.

On the way back, I found a short trail that I later found out is part of the Paul Henry Thornapple Trail.  After looking at the future plans for the trail, I can’t wait for it connect all the way through.  It will eventually be a 42 mile trail that I can jump on at the trailhead which is only about 3 miles from our house.

Anyways, back to the ride.  The ride back was much faster than the ride out (probably because of wind) which made me wish I had gone further south before turning back.  As I got closer to home, I was only at 27 miles on the odometer.  I thought about making one more lap around Reeds Lake to get above 30, but my water bottles were almost empty and I was beat.

The totals for the ride were 28.72 miles in 1:43:34 for a lousy 16.6mph pace.  One of my slowest paces on a ride yet, but I can chalk this up to a mental toughness ride for not letting the heat get me too down.

July Totals

I realized that I never posted my totals from July.  Getting lazy I guess.  I made it almost every day with some sort of workout activity.  The only day I missed was July 31st, the day before Steelhead.  I would have liked to have done something little just to stretch my legs, but the chips didn’t fall into place and I just ran out of time.

Running Swimming Biking Totals
Total Distance 94.06 mi 15.66 mi (27,561 yards) 361.84 mi 471.56 mi
Time 12:55:56 9:56:20 20:07:41 42:59:57
Average Pace 8:15   3:20 (18mph)  

Strength Training

Thanks to the responses I got from a previous entry about needing to start weight lifting, I have put together a game plan.  I am going to wait a month before starting to do strength works for 3 reasons.  Number one, I am going to scour CraigsList, Play it Again Sports, and other 2nd hand options.  I have found a couple of things on CraigsList, but they were posted a few weeks ago and my inquires were never responded to, so I assume they are no longer available.  If, after a month, I haven’t found anything, I may break down and buy a set of new weights.  I really like the PowerBlocks (www.powerblocks.com) based on their website, but am going to look into them a bit more before I make my decision.  Number two, I am in the middle of tri season and don’t want to change things up too drastically.  In the past, when I have attempted to add a strength routine to my workouts, my arms are sore for the first few weeks while I adjust.  I don’t want end up with tired arms at the start of one my races.  And number three, I am procrastinating.  There.  I said it.  At least I can admit it.

This Week

I don’t have a firm plan for this week yet.  I like to at least get down on paper what I would like to do each day so that I don’t talk myself out of exercising when the time comes around.  I will probably end up picking a random week out of my tri schedule book and do that.  I only have one more definite triathlon scheduled (Reeds Lake), but am hoping to find at least one other one to do before that.

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  1. Tricia

    hey, 16.6 is fast for some of us ! 😉 (it was my pace at RI70.3 .. hehe). and, gah, is it humid and awful EVERYWHERE? feels like it !

  2. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

    I know, I know, I should be happy with 16.6mph. But then I go and read other blogs and see 19, 20, and even higher averages and it makes me want to get back out there and push the legs even more. 🙂

    And to answer your question, yes, it is hot and soupy EVERYWHERE. I am trying to not let it get me down too much though. I’ve found that if I can force myself to go out and get all hot and sweaty, it makes just sitting around in the heat more bearable. Everything is relative.

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