Jul 27

Small World and Taper Time

I was at the pool this morning and I ran into a familiar face.  I started talking to the guy in the next lane, “D”, and realized he was at Tri Del Sol.  I recognized him from the start of the race because he was cracking jokes about his wetsuit.  We talked for quite a bit.  He is off to great start to his life as a triathlete.  (“D”- If you find the blog, it was great to meet you).  Two months ago, he couldn’t even swim and has now completed two triathlons in the past couple weeks.  I may run into him this weekend at Steelhead where he is going to be cheering on friends or at a couple other local triathlons in the next coming months.

As for training, this week is a light week as I taper down for Steelhead.  One of the criticisms (actually the only criticism I have heard) of the Matt Fitzgerald plans I have been using is that they don’t have much taper before the final race (only one week in this case).  However, I am not big on a long taper so this suits me just fine.  Last week was a full week of training, albeit a bit less intense than some previous weeks.  This week however, is much lighter with just enough activity to get my legs moving each day.

Still finalizing the logistical plans for Steelhead.  Yes, I know I am way behind schedule.  The monkey wrench is the fact that Benton Harbor is drivable from Grand Rapids (about an hour and half) on race morning.  However, there is no race morning packet pickup which means I will have to drive in and back on Friday as well.  On the bright side, it will give me a chance to check out the course and everything beforehand.  That should hopefully make Saturday a little less hectic.

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