Jul 26

To Run or Not to Run

It’s Sunday, and I don’t have anything scheduled for training.  But I still want to run.  I know.  It is a sickness.  Part of it is that I feel lazy if I don’t at least do some sort of exercise.  The other part of it is I am on a streak for July with 25 days straight of exercise.  I really don’t need to run.  I should be tapering for Steelhead.  My training this week nearly exceeded last weeks and I even missed a swim workout this week.  All these reasons of why I don’t need to run and I still want to do it.

Well, here is my weekly totals as of 2:29 PM on Sunday.  It may change if I end up going for a run – which I probably will.  At least 3 or 4 miles.

Weekly Totals [7/20/2009 – 7/26/2009]

Running Swimming Biking Totals
Number 3 2 3 8
Total Distance 20.55 mi 2.84 mi 105.33 mi 128.72 mi
Time 2:49:12 1:46:34 5:58:55 10:34:41
Average Pace 8:14   3:24  

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  1. Tricia

    You need to rest, dude ! (When is Steelhead ?) trust me, rest is as important as training.

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