Jul 21

New Duds

Still doing a bit of catch up from my lack of posting last week.  Last week, I bought some new clothes for training and racing.  I wanted to find some new clothes for racing that would work for Steelhead.  I wanted to get them before Tri Del Sol so that I could try them out.

I had a devil of a time actually finding a store in the area that carries tri clothing.  I found a bunch of places online that sell tri clothing, but I really wanted to shop locally so that I could try on the clothes first.  I ended up finding the best selection at Striders here in Grand Rapids.  They didn’t have a huge selection, but it was better than the other stores I tried.  I had initially thought about getting a one-piece tri suit, but decided against it for two reasons.  Logistics (eg. using the bathroom can be a bit more complicated with a one-piece suit because you basically have to strip) as well as options(with a two-piece suit, it provides more options of different tops and shorts).

Look how fast my new tri suit makes me look.

I ended up with a pair of Zoot tri shorts and a blue TYR race top.  I was able to wear them both for Tri Del Sol and they worked great.  The arm holes of the TYR top are larger than the other bike jerseys I have, which helped prevent armpit chafing.  The shorts were also much more comfortable than my BT shorts, mainly because they fit better, but also because they seemed to dry out quicker.  The shorts don’t have much of a pad, so we’ll just have to see how they hold up during a long ride, but they were fine for the 18 mile ride.

I also bought a new pair of bike shorts for training.  I had previously been wearing a cheap pair of shorts from the one of the local sports super stores.  They were about as basic as you can get.  I ended up buying a pair of Sugoi Pulsar shorts.  They have made a huge difference.  I didn’t realize how poorly shaped and uncomfortable my old shorts were until I got the Sugoi’s.  They fit much better and are way more comfortable; it will make training rides much more enjoyable.

Time for bed now.  Got to make sure I get enough rest, so that I can keep up with my training schedule.

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  1. Tricia

    look how fast you look! I love my Sugois… they are so soft and don’t feel so spandex-y.

  2. Tricia


    For RI I used Infinit only for the bike: http://www.infinitnutrition.us/

    I took a sip of concentrated infinit (I made 1 four hour bottle) and one sip of water every 15 min and felt fine. I did take half a banana at mile 35 or so because I just felt like it 😉

    Infinit is awesome stuff and is made to replace all GUs, shot blocks, jelly beans, etc. Great company, too !

  3. Rob

    You don’t have to strip out of a one suit if nature calls – you can pull up the leg of the suit on whichever side you dress to and access from that direction. Feels a bit weird at first but in the middle of a race is no slower than if wearing standard shorts

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