Jul 14


Today started off as a good bike ride.  That is until I crashed.  I’m alright except for a few bumps and bruises; Green Lightning is alright as well.  I have no excuses, I simply wasn’t paying close enough attention and lost control when my bike wheel got stuck in a crack throwing me off course.  The road I was on was an asphalt road with a concrete curb.  Occasionally when the road starts to crumble, the point at which the two surfaces meet crumbles first.  As I was cruising down 60th at about 20mph I drifted into the crack.  When my tire started to get stuck, I overcorrected to the right ended up colliding with curb.  When I hit the curb I went flying – bike still attached to my cleats.  Thankfully because I overcorrected to the right, I ended up landing in the grass rather than on the pavement.  I whacked my head pretty good and probably should replace my helmet even though there aren’t any visible cracks.  It is a few years old anyways and is due to be replaced.  I also banged up my hip and shoulder on the side that hit the ground.

The red circle is roughly where my tire got stuck.
Yeah, I know it doesn’t look like much – still not quite
sure how it all happened.

I was pretty shaken up after the crash and took a few minutes to just sit in the grass and collect my thoughts.  I was even able to check my email while I sat there resting – the beauty of being a gadget geek.  Once I determined that I would be able make it back home, I hoped back on my bike.  I immediately noticed a problem with the front brakes – they were making a cyclical rubbing sound as I slowed down.  Upon further inspection, I noticed that I scuffed up the rim when I hit the curb which created an uneven breaking surface.  On the way home I passed a LBS, Kentwood Cycling, and got their opinion on what to do about the rim.  Taking their advice, I was able to use some fine steel wool to buff down the rough part of the rim when I got home and it riding smoothly again.  I did notice a few other scratches on the crank that I must have incurred when I skidding across the curb, but those just give the bike character.  Right?

Anyways, despite the crash, I ended up with a fairly decent ride.  I averaged over 18mph on the ride – probably close to 19mph if had been more precise with stopping my watch at lights and what not.  I cut my actual workout of 7×3 minutes at zone 5 short at 5 intervals because of the crash, but still feel I got a pretty good workout out of it.

Here is a glimpse of my battle wound on my upper thigh/hip.
I don’t think it should slow me down this week at all as it just
feels like a bruise.

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  1. carol

    wow, sux about your tire getting caught in a crack. I think about that when riding past sewer grates sometimes, guess it is possible! Glad you are okay. Heal well!

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