Jul 06

Making Up for Lost Time

I hope you are comfortable and have a drink, because this is going to be a long post.  It has been nearly a week since my last post and I really don’t have any excuse for not posting other than being busy.  Throughout the week, I would have all sorts of good blog post titles pop into my head, but then I never get around to posting.  So, I’ll make up for it here and cover as much as I can remember.  Also, I have a lot more pictures in this post.  Now that I have my fancy schmancy iPhone, I have a camera with me all the time.  On top of that, my camera-happy wife has a new purse that allows her to have her camera at the ready at any given moment (even when I try to run her over).

Brick Workout

I have now done two brick workouts this season.  The pictures below are actually from my first brick last Sunday, and then I did another yesterday.  Both were basically an hour ride with a 30 or 20 minute run.  My next brick will actually be a race – the Grand Haven Tri – on Sunday.  It will be my first Olympic distance triathlon.  I am going to be treating it as a workout more than an actual race as I am making Steelhead my main focus.  I do have a secret goal in mind, but I’m not going to be too disappointed if I don’t make it.

Attempting to run over my camera-happy wife.

After my first brick workout of the season.

Doesn’t my lovely (and clean) wife look thrilled to get a sweaty hug and kiss??

P6280097 Ok, she looks a bit happier now!

Cleaning Green Lightning

After about 800 miles on my new bike (about 300 or so on the trainer), I have done two important things: given my bike a full cleaning and named it.  I have decided on the name Green Lightning.  The pictures make it look sort of yellow, but the bike is actually more of a lime color, hence the name. 

As for the bike cleaning, I am still getting used to having my camera with me and forgot to take before pictures.  All I have are after pictures, so you’ll just have to trust me that it was filthy.  On top of being dirty, I was noticing a few clicking noises that were giving me a few worries.  The sounds were coming from the crank area, and I found I sometimes felt the rubbing in my foot.  Along with cleaning the bike, I took apart one of my pedals and re-greased it.  I’m not sure if it was the grease or simply the cleaning, but the bike is riding like new now.  No noises, no rubbing, and it feels even faster than before.

IMG_0016I even scrubbed the handle bar grip down.  Whoever came up with the
idea of gray handle bars was looking at form rather than function; it gets
filthy quickly.

 IMG_0015My bike, Green Lightning, all clean and shiny

Flipping Out at the Pool

No, not flipping out in an angry way, but flipping out as in doing flip turns.  Up until this week, I would do all of my turns at the pool by simply touching the wall and turning around.  I never did flip turns out of fear of hitting my foot on the edge of the pool or simply embarrassing myself.  However, this past week was a pretty slow week and I had the lane to myself, so I decided to give it a try.  It wasn’t that bad, and I got the hang of it quickly.  Nowhere near as fluid as some swimmers, but there is always room for improvement.

Now that I have had a couple of workouts with the flip turns, I have realized a couple things.  First, they are fun.  It makes me feel like a real swimmer (which I am not).  Second, I think it will make me a better swimmer and improve my swim breathing.  My old method of turning around would give me chance for a long breath each time I reached the wall.  With flip turns, as with open water swimming, you don’t get that luxury and have to rely on getting the most out of breathing while you swim. 

Week Totals

I’m still not quite used to the low (relatively speaking) miles I am putting in running.  I am usually more comfortable getting 30-35 miles a week.  After the tri this weekend, I may up my run workouts or even add on another day with running to up my mileage.  That said, I really can’t complain about getting over 9 and half hours of training in this week.

Running Swimming Biking Totals
Number 4 3 4 11
Total Distance 21.29 mi 2.93 mi 83.73 107.95 mi
Time 3:01:56 1:45:00 4:53:06 9:39:56
Average Pace 8:33   3:30  

June Totals

Running Swimming Biking Totals
Total Distance 111.87 mi 12.22 mi (21,500 yds) 264.89 388 mi
Time 15:34:51 7:13:06 15:24:59 36:59:10
Average Pace 8:21   3:30  

Tour Time

I am watching the Tour de France as I write this: Stage 3 replayed (of course I am checking on the Tigers score during commercials).  Despite the montage or TdF crashes they just showed, it makes me want to go out for a ride.  The riders all seem so powerful and graceful as they weave through the streets.  It amazes me how they all ride together in such a tight pack; like a bunch of ants as my wife said.  As I watch, I try to pick up ideas on how to improve my form and overall cycling.

Reason to Exercise

Jennie and I spent Sunday at a Whitecaps minor league baseball game.  Their latest publicity stunt this year was to introduce the Fifth Third Burger.  It is $20 of heart attack inducing pleasure and you can see the rules and nutritional facts below (click on the picture for a full sized view).  Basically it is 4889 calories and nearly 300 grams of fat.  Keep in mind that the average 180lb runner only burns 3573 calories in a marathon.  If you take the challenge and are able to finish the burger by the end of the game, you get immortalized with your picture on the wall and a T-shirt.  There were probably 50 or so people that have already met the challenge.  My favorite part of the rules is “Burger reversals result in disqualification.”  I’m fairly confident that I would have a “burger reversal” if I attempted the challenge.


If this isn’t a reason to go out for a run,
I don’t know what is.

Here is video of the burger being made.
12 inch bun, 5 burger patties, chili, sour cream,
Fritos (yes, Fritos), and much, much more.

Tricking Google

I got an interesting email from Stuart over at RunSaturday.Com this week.

"I just Googled "avoiding runners stomach on the ironman run" – and your blog came up as the top hit! Sadly though I think it was because of a Freudian typo – it’s the bit in your bio that says "My name is Kevin Neumann and I am an avoid runner" – I think you meant avid – although I guess it could have been deliberate :)"

While it is kind of cool that my site popped up so high on an organic Google search, I decided to fix the typo rather than to continue to trick Google.

Words of Wisdom of the Week

Both of the following words of wisdom involve making it through the difficult parts of the bike.  The first is a mantra to chant over and over as you churn through the hills and even the long, flat stretches.  The second is the advice of cyclist Ignatas Konovalovas.  Feel the burn, use the burn, love the burn.

Hopefully you made it to the end. If you did, thanks for sticking around.  If you didn’t, I guess you probably aren’t reading this, so I could call you all sorts of names and harass you, but I won’t – this time.

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