Jun 29

End of Week Report [6/22/2009 – 6/29/2009]

This week was a bit easier than last week mile and time wise, but it was definitely more difficult with the heat wave we had.  With a couple days in the 90’s, it made for some very hot and humid workouts.  The high point of the week was the Reeds Lake Run which gave me a boost in confidence for my running ability.  I was able maintain a steady pace throughout the 5k and 10k which was a nice change from killing myself and dying at the end.

Also, this week was my first brick workout.  On Saturday I did an hour bike followed by an a 30 minute run.  Even though it was my first brick of the season, I didn’t think it would be that bad because I have done brick workouts in the past so I know what they feel like.  Wrong!  I don’t think the brick workout is something you ever get used to – it always feels a bit weird.  It took the first mile for my legs to unwind a bit.  After that, it wasn’t too bad and I even worked my way down from 8:30 minute/mile first/second miles to an 8:00 minute/mile third mile.  Hard to believe that in month, I’ll have to essentially do a 3 hour/2 hour brick workout.  Yikes!

Running Swimming Biking Totals
Number 4 days (5 runs) 3 3 10
Total Distance 23.54 mi 3.21 mi 65.75 mi 92.50 mi
Time 3:11:51 1:50:00 3:55:08 8:56:59
Average Pace 8:09   3:35  

My training schedule for this week is a little iffy.  I had to sort of wing it when setting up my training schedule because my copy of Matt Fitzgerald’s training book was due back at the library and my copy hasn’t arrived yet.  I may extend some of the bike workouts or possibly add a 4th bike ride in because I am still trying to build up my bike mileage.  It should also be a bit cooler this week (in the mid 70’s) which should make training a bit easier.  I won’t complain about the warm weather though, it beats the cold bike-less winters any day.

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  1. Tricia

    hey 🙂 thanks for stopping by ! Bricks are so weird — my legs sometimes feel like they are moving too fast on their own – almost like they are still pedaling on the bike !

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